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    "ebike battery fire"

    Saw this today, anyone know any more detail about it, or is it just speculation?
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    What do you use for cell welding?

    I bought a Sunko 737 welder, and I used it to build a few packs, but it is not at all safe and reliable. It relies on a 20A fuse in the 13A plug (with a mains cable probably rated at 10A) and after every 30 or 40 welds, it will blow that 20A fuse. It can also only be used in houses that don't...
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 with generic KT controller

    I was wondering, has anyone ever tried controlling a TSDZ2 not with the stock controller, but a generic off the shelf 15A controller? Can it be done?
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    MET Police looking out for ilegal e-bikes

    Saw this on Twitter today: Not that it takes Scotland Yard's finest to see that there isn't a chain on this bike, or that the motor is marked "1000W"...but I was wondering if anyone heard about a crack down on e-bikes lately?
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    Why Elon Musk is not a genius

    This is what is more appropriate for most towns and cities than a £30k Tesla:
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    Lockdown Taxi service

    A sign of the times?
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    Vruzend 58.8V Charger - a look inside the box

    I'm in the process of building a new 14s battery pack and I've bought a Vruzend 3A 58.8V charger for this project. I was interested to see what was inside, in particular to see if it would be possible to tweak the output voltage to charge to 4.1V per cell. It cost £36. First a look at the...
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    White Christmas?

    Just been looking at the weather for next week, we could be in for some snow on Christmas day! The CFS, ICON and ECM models are all showing -5 C over most of the UK at 850 hPa and the thickness is below 528 dam on the 25th, all good indicators of possible snow. We could be riding our bikes in...
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    Cycling in the snow

    Looks like we're in for a cold snap at the end of next week with the possibility of snow. The GFS model is predicting a prolonged cold snap, but you always have to take it with a bucket of salt, however, even the more accurate ECM model is suggesting something on the Friday: See the 850hPa...
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    Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus rolling resistance

    The rolling resistance test has now been done on the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus:
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    Best hub lube

    The grease used in most hub motors I've had is of poor quality and is often not applied adequately inside the hub. The best thing I've found for lubricating hubs is Magnalube: It makes the hub run very smoothly and it also seems to reduce noise. Has anyone found...
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    Proposed changes to highway code

    In need of re-working and rewording for years, a new version of the Highway Code is currently out for consultation...
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    CatEye Wireless not working

    Has anyone been able to fix a CatEye wireless transmitter? Mine decided to stop working last week. Changed the battery, but still no good. Changed battery in the receiver unit, but still no joy. Receiver unit works ok with my other identical transmitter on the other bike. Don't suppose it's...
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    Schottky Diode Parallel Pack Adaptor

    People often ask, “can I put two packs in parallel to increase capacity and reduce strain on each battery pack?” Yes you can, but you need to make sure that the two packs are of a similar voltage before connecting them. Also, if you disconnect one pack, the socket will still be live from the...
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    Overvolting Bafang SWX02 to 59V after 1000 miles

    Been overvolting my Bafang SWX02 36V 250W hub motor to 59V at 15A and completed 1000 miles on it. Now I have replaced it with a Bafang G020250 DC, so I can fit a cassette and make full use of my 8 gear shifters again. In the process I had a strip down to see what the insides looked like. I was...
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    Vruzend chargers, any good?

    Has anyone tried these chargers? If so, are they any good?
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    Bafang or MXUS hub motor?

    Which do you think is better? I've never had a MXUS motor, but I've got a couple of Bafangs. Recently I've been looking for a new motor, but prices have jumped and there are fewer available. MXUS tend to be a bit cheaper than Bafang and I was wondering if there is a reason why? Which would you...
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    Charging pack to 41V experiment

    Some people think it's a good idea for cell longevity to only charge to 4.1V instead of the normal 4.2V. However, when you have a pack of cells, only charging to 41V may cause balance issues as the BMS in many cases does not start balancing until about 41.5V. Anecdotal evidence from some on this...
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    Loss of magnetisation with temperature.

    I've read on the web about the dangers of over heating hub motors as it could cause permanent loss of magnetisation of the magnets and this can start from temperatures as low as 80 Deg C. This worried me a bit, it would be quite easy for a hub motor to get hotter than that. However, seasoned...
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    Motor temp meaurement from Hall sensors?

    Don't want to re-invent the wheel here, but has anyone ever used the Hall sensors as a means of measuring motor temperature? Hall sensors are semiconductors, so hole/electron mobility should change significantly with temp. Can this be monitored and calibrated to temperature?