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    Oxygen emate MTB 13AH

    Hope somebody can help, my bike has started to lose power on hills, on the flat everything is fine. It started a few weeks ago but seemed to cure itself, now it has come back, the problem is once you start to go up the hill motor adds power but then starts to drop to nothing then picks up again...
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    Oxygen E mate MTB13AH

    Hi just a quick review on this bike, I have know had it around 10 weeks, I use it for both work and pleasure. I travel about 15 miles 3 times a week to work, I quite enjoy passing other cyclists as they struggle up hills and keeping up with the road bikes ( sad I know), finally arriving at work...
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    Just joined, am seriously looking at buying the Oxygen emate MTB 13AH, have seen some threads on here, has anyone bought one recently and is there any problems with them. Can it go faster than the legal mph?