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    Presta valves - Whats the point!

    I repaired a puncture for someone down the road who was having problems. They tried their best, but thinking that it would be possible to change the tube without removing the wheel was always going to fail. Anyway, it didn't take long to put a patch on the leak and get it back together except...
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    Electric Unicycle with large battery catches fire

    Beware batteries that catch fire! Liveleek link
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    Inner tubes

    What are your views on inner tubes, do you replace them every winter as a preventative measure or just keep patching until they can't be repaired any more. Do you buy the cheapest unbranded eBay tube or would you spend a lot more on a top branded one. Carry a spare or just a patch kit etc etc...
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    All these Spam posts

    I think we either need more moderators or the ones we have to be on-line more often. Although I reported a couple of them, the board is still clogged up, I just hope no-one here clicks on any links or gets taken in by these scammers.
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    Old shop bike conversion

    You know the sort, really old heavy bike with a small front wheel with wicker basket and an advertising panel in the frame. I have this idea of getting one and stealthily converting it to electric. I like the thought of overtaking the lycra boys up a steep hill whilst wearing a flat cap. Has...