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    Prostatectomy saddle

    Hi all Received Good advice to buy gazelle grenoble bike approx 2 years ago from you good people Done approx 9000 miles in 18 months so good advice. I am now back for any further advice I am to have radical robotic prostatectomy (look it up on Google) at end of month and I wonder if anybody...
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    Lidl Cycling hemet

    Hi all, Looking for advice re this helmet. it does not appear to have any Bs certification etc and has what is possibly a gimmick of "indicators" on the rer. Does anybody have any knowledge or comments on it
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    Gazelle 7

    Hi all, Lazy male person in early 70 s just 100 kgs and looking to use this bike to get more exercise for my 6 ft 2 frame!!! Have seen this bike which looks ideal for hybrid use. Likely to be hybrid when footpath gets muddy so no serious off roading. Tried Halfords carrera hybrid on free trial...