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    Full Suspension Conversion

    Hopefully linking to other forums is okay. This might be of some use, I saved it with a view to having a crack at a fs bike...
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    Speed Pedelec successfully registered with DVLA (Riese & Muller Cruiser HS Vario)

    Yep. £90ish fully comp for a vfr800 here. £300 for a 28mph bicycle/moped? Madness.
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    BBS 02 question

    Most people would understand freewheeling to be synonymous with not pedalling.
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    e scooters - a menace?

    They are insured, but that's not why they're legal.
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    Help needed...TSDZ2 on Carrera Vengeance. M5 bolts too short.

    Longer bolts and spacers to fill the gap - I used stainless steel washers on my bbso2, 70mm BB so 3mm to fill for me.
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    e scooters - a menace?

    There's a little of chicken and egg going on at the moment. I'm 54, have a clean licence, insure a car and a motorcycle. I'd be interested in an e-scooter - and would be as sensible on one as on my bikes / in my car. But I'm not going to ride one knowing I'm an easy stop for the police for a...
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    Don't forget your helmet

    The question wasn't originally addressed to you, but you chimed in. It was, as you well know, this: 'Do you wear a helmet when walking? If not, why not?' The point is that head injuries don't just happen on bicycles. If 'You never know' applies to riding a bike, why not to walking along the...
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    Don't forget your helmet

    I don't believe you can't understand the point. I do believe you can't answer the question.
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    Don't forget your helmet

    Do you wear a helmet when walking? If not, why not?
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    Don't forget your helmet Obviously those figures include all cyclists, not just the slowcoaches. You're welcome.
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    Don't forget your helmet

    Same rule for car track days. And just as relevant.
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    Don't forget your helmet

    It's fairly obvious by this point that you're up for a rant rather than a discussion.
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    Don't forget your helmet

    An argument for sitting on your cycle helmet?
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    Don't forget your helmet

    Nobody is disputing that at an individual level a helmet can provide protection. Do you wear a helmet all day, or just when cycling?
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    Don't forget your helmet

    It's blindingly obvious that strapping some polystyrene to your head will give you some protection in some situations. But well done for pointing it out. What you're completely ignoring - as does everyone else who trots out the obvious helmet points - is the effect that compulsory helmet laws...
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    Don't forget your helmet

    Was the argument made that bringing in motorcycle helmets would reduce motorcycle use and thus reduce the health benefits broiught by motorcycling? Because that's what happens wherever compulsory cycle helmets are imposed.
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    Another accident in the news

    The numbers - at least for deaths, about 1 a year - aren't big enough to draw any conclusions.
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    Discount sites for ebikes

    Hot UK deals is absolutely legitimate, but you can't buy an ebike (or anything else) from them. People post good deals they see there, and they're voted hot (or not) by users.
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    Best companies to order kit from in the UK?

    If Nigel Farage was Scottish...