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    Bracket for Key-Disp-21 lcd controller

    I have stupidly broken the handlebar bracket on my lcd controller on juicy click ebike, but juicy dont stock the bracket only the complete controller, it’s a Key-Disp-21 controller, any suggestions where I can get a replacement
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    Battery advice

    Just brought a secondhand juicy sport click and am on the lookout for a larger battery 560wh preferably any recommendations for replacement
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    Still undecided on what ebike

    I’ve been lurking about on here for a while trying to make mind up on what bike to buy, but have had so much happening over the last year just haven’t pulled the trigger. Had pretty much made my mind up on a Woosh Rio ls but haven’t got round to ordering yet, now have just seen a hardly used...
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    Looking to buy first ebike

    I’ve been looking to buy ebike for a few months but have been delayed by house move etc, I had pretty much made my mind up on a Woosh Rio low step with 17amp battery, but have now seen a very reasonably priced Carrera Vulcan , only 6 months old for sale locally . I only want bike for leisure...
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    Advice on new ebike

    Looking to venture into ebike , getting totally confused as to what to buy . I’m nearly 63 , 17st,not fit , dodgy hip, replacement was scheduled but cancelled due to finding heart problem whilst having preop done. I want something just for leisure mainly road but also a little off road just...