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  1. LeighPing

    Pedelec Law - The Details

    I get that a lot. :D
  2. LeighPing

    Ebike for sale

    I predict that this will go for at least £700. :P
  3. LeighPing

    14,000 miles ridden

    It looked like a lovely ride out to work. Once you've ridden that over the horizon and into the sunset, you could easily achieve those extra miles. :)
  4. LeighPing

    For Sale Raleigh Motus GT Low Step

    Location? Good luck with your sale. :)
  5. LeighPing

    Advise approaching Retiring from work

    Sorry for your loss. Is a draw down, part time, not an option for you? Many of my own work colleagues have found that to be a good choice.
  6. LeighPing

    Ebike 250w questions

    What Nealh said ..
  7. LeighPing

    Ebike 250w questions

    In comparison this 1kw off roader also has a throttle. The bike trailing it is doing 22 mph downhill, with the aid of gravity.
  8. LeighPing

    Ebike 250w questions

    I've two 250w ebikes with throttles on them. Me and the wife use them all the while, for distances of no more than 12 miles leisure riding. They're great for folks that have problems pedalling, for whatever reason, and they're handy for hill starts to help you get going. Here's a video. :)
  9. LeighPing

    One of three (I think!!)

    Thanks for asking. I've been here all the time though. Just reading mostly. :) Yes, the £300 Cyclotricity Carrera, that I bought off 'Dave' here in March 2017 :oops: , is still going strong. That's my daughter riding it in the video above, from last May. I must give it a good look over at some...
  10. LeighPing

    One of three (I think!!)

    Seconded. ;) I've had this oxydrive kit bike for a few years now and it's taken some hammer, but it's still going strong. There's a close up pic of it at the end of the video. :)
  11. LeighPing

    One of three (I think!!)

    I've 3 different inexpensive ebikes. Two of them were bought, used from members here. They all do 15.5 mph, and they're all good fun. For what you plan to do, you should maybe consider picking a used one up from this forum, if there's anything suitable for sale. :)
  12. LeighPing

    E-scooters for hire in Birmingham from next week - These are the rules..

    Two hundred machines will be in the city centre and can be used on roads with 30mph limit or less. :eek...
  13. LeighPing

    Would it be hard to ride my e-bike while wearing filtered earplugs? Is it legal?

    That's not true I'm afraid. You can drive whilst wearing a helmet, headphones or earpieces, use a hands free bluetooth set to hold a conversation, blast out your music choice, and even be deaf whilst driving. All without penalty or lawful impediment. :)
  14. LeighPing

    Question about Walk Assist on Shimano Steps

    Use a bulldog clip to hold the walk assist button in, it helps a lot. :)
  15. LeighPing

    Finally took the plunge

    Have a look at your local area on google earth. It's handy for finding trails. Enjoy your bikes. :)
  16. LeighPing

    Suspension seat post advice please

    @mermeo29 What's up with your legs? How long are they? :) My 'not very tall' 8 year old grandson has no problem riding my ebike with a suspension seatpost fitted. Springs compress with weight on them, so there's not much more of a height raise over a regular seatpost there. Generally...
  17. LeighPing

    DVLA registration of an electric bike in Northern Ireland

    Do you know about this yet @Andrewscotsman ?