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    DIY Hubless MTB conversion

    Not electric but I'd love the chance to get something similar and add a kit to it :cool: The build looks very DIY'able, the reults are amazing from some simple engineering work.
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    Another accident in the news

    The report describes it a an E-scooter with 2 people on it, I suspect it means E-moped not kids scooter type but it's unclear. Serious head injuries, so no helmets...
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    Recommend me a new 700C rear wheel ( or rebuild 26" hub?)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at options to change my 26" kit to 700C/28" and wonder if anyone knows of any suppliers who have sales on now? Any recommendations for a particular hub to look for? rpm? I weigh near 100kg, most use is on B-road and I'd prefer a high cruising speed to high torque. The...
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    Interesting Easi-fit kit (Bottle battery + Front Wheel + Bluetooth)

    More info Bluetooth controls. The ad shows a controller called BTC02, a quick search finds a demo - looks like you remove the display to charge it (theft?), kit includes display & throttle. No pedal or brake sensors that I...
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    KT controller - throttle is stronger than PAS ?

    Hi folks, I'm starting to get used to the KT setup I recently fitted and have noticed the throttle gives more assist than pedals. Settings are P4=0, C4=4 so the throttle should match pedal assist level, it's similar but throttle is maybe 20% stronger in all levels. It's very noticable when using...
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    Suggestions please, how to modify a 26" kit to suit a 29er bike ?

    I'm looking for suggestions as I have a very clean 29er mtb, and a complete 26" rear wheel kit (Yose). For now, I've removed the 29" wheels and have fitted the 26" rear hub motor and matching 26" front wheel. The 29" wheels have been kept so I can put the bike back to original in the future...
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    New green inititive to get people out of cars and onto bikes / public transport.

    A new scheme will soon start a 2 year trial at Coventry: "Drivers who GIVE UP their cars will be offered £3,000 in 'credit' to spend on public transport, electric scooters and taxis under new green plans."...
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    Yose 350 rear hub kit - transplanted onto Scott !

    Time for a new project, the main bits are a rather nice Scott 29er (immaculate!) + Yose/Lishui 350w 26” rear wheel kit + random KT parts collected from various places. Remove the 29er wheels, fit the Yose 26" rear wheel & matching front wheel, modify 180mm caliper to fit the 160mm disk. Let the...
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    Yose 350 rear hub kit - onto Spanish mtb by Mondraker

    Background info about these kits (thanks to Nealh & others) see
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    Wanted Lookng for 24v bits (controller/display/battery ... more)

    Scorpio submitted a new listing: Lookng for 24v bits (controller/display/battery ... more) - Lookng for 24v bits (controller/display/battery ... more) Learn more about this listing...
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    New technology - solid state batteries

    Interesting new developments - wonder how long before they are available for bikes?
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    Kemp Starley Dutch Town Bike - out of hibernation.

    Hi folks, and welcome to a project I've just picked up to keep me occupied. It might get brought back to life as electric or non-electric, or could become a parts donor - a lot will depend what I find when I get started. First impressions : It's a Dutch town bike by Kemp Starley, high build...