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  1. LeighPing

    E-scooters for hire in Birmingham from next week - These are the rules..

    Two hundred machines will be in the city centre and can be used on roads with 30mph limit or less. :eek...
  2. LeighPing

    Thank God for walk mode and throttles!

    Leisure ebike riding up the woods today. :D
  3. LeighPing

    Birmingham to trial e-scooters in revolutionary UK scheme
  4. LeighPing

    Ebike training for dogs and kids.

    A lockdown leisure ride. :)
  5. LeighPing

    He's tall for his height.

    'CJ', 8 yrs old, having his first go on an ebike. :)
  6. LeighPing

    Police ebike checks.

    If they pulled you over, would you let the police ride your ebike to check for irregularities and illegalities? What if someone in uniform came to your home, with what appeared to be genuine law enforcement ID, asking to test your bike after receiving allegations of it being rode at excess speed...
  7. LeighPing

    ‘An e-bike changed my life’

    Ebikes in the media today. :)
  8. LeighPing

    Halfords electric scooters.

    There's quite a variety and these could be fun. What are your thoughts on them? :)
  9. LeighPing

    Bike-hate. The things that they sell online!

    I saw some Tyre puncture triangles for sale on facebook. I wondered why? :eek:
  10. LeighPing

    I saw this at the park today..

    It was a bit more than nippy. Anybody know what it was? :oops:
  11. LeighPing

    Charger or bike issue?

    Any ideas about what's going on here then? o_O
  12. LeighPing

    Is this a compatible replacement?

    Hi gang, :) Can I replace this;- With this? Much obliged. :)
  13. LeighPing

    She struggled until I showed her how to use the throttle.

    A dodgy knee has plagued my better half for a few years now. Making her not too keen on going out for bike rides. I've managed to get her out for a bit of a ride every now and then. But I'd not shown her how to work the thumb throttle until today. :oops: Once I'd shown her, she wouldn't stay off...
  14. LeighPing

    Last year's model..

  15. LeighPing

    I thought that I could smell something burning!

    Whilst out having a pleasant evening ride, I saw this..
  16. LeighPing

    Ooh a Freebie.

    That's very nice of them. Click, click. :)
  17. LeighPing

    She got away with just a buckled rear wheel.

    I saw this on my commute this morning. o_O
  18. LeighPing

    Would you even bother?

    Would you even bother filling these out? Click here for our guide to owning an electric bike in Northern Ireland.