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    motor problem

    hi i have just bought a seago power electric folding bike it all lights up but as soon as i connect the nine pin plug from the motor to the connector that goes to the controller it shuts all power off can anybody tell me why it is doing it and how to test the motor to see if its that is causing...
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    controller upgrade

    Hi i have recently upgraded my rear wheel to a 48v 1000w motor and upgraded my battery to a 36v i have recently seen a contoller on pswpower and i am wondering if it will do for my bike as my wheel has the hall sensor connector and three phase wires and the controller has only the three phase...
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    Cyclematic powerplus

    Can anyone suggest anything to put the connectors in as won’t fit where controller goes and tried a controller box but won’t fit round the frame as brackets are too small and any link to anything would be a great help many thanks for any help and advice given
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    Hi how do i get to the controller of a coyote connect electric folding bike
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    Split pedal assist magnet disc

    Hi I have just bought a connect coyotte electric folding bike and the magnet disc has broke of the pedal assist can I get a split one so I don’t have to take the pedals off if so does anyone know where I can get one from and have a link to it thanks for any help given
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    Cyclematic powerplus power problem

    Hi any help would be greatly appreciated I have a powerplus model and everything was working fine until yesterday when there was no power opened where the control unit is and saw these wires like this any ideas what the problem could be ie control unit or anything else tested the wires from the...
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    Izip mountain trials power problems

    hi any help would be greatly appreciated i have a izip mountain trialz i thought the batteries had gone so i have put brand new ones in and i still have the same problem when the battery is in and switched on there is no power but when i plug the charger into it it works does anyone have any...