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  1. Bus biker55


    Hi all, I spent yesterday servicing my old scooters and my daughters bicycle. Just as I was finishing her bike she wandered in and asked me what my 1st bike was l showed her a picture of it on Google (raleigh chopper in metal flake purple) and was amazed at how much they are now worth. The same...
  2. Bus biker55

    E bike intolerance

    Hi all, We needed some essentials today, so I got up bright and early and headed for the local supermarket. As it has been a nice sunny day I decided to use my bike instead of the family car. It was about 8:45 when I arrived and there was sizeable queue outside, so I locked up my bike retrieved...
  3. Bus biker55

    Decathlon rockrider est900

    Hi all, I have been offered a decathlon mountain bike at a really good price. How easy would it be to convert this into a more commuter friendly spec (mudguards rack etc). Does anyone out there use a mountain bike for this purpose?
  4. Bus biker55

    Tern gsd s00 review

    Hi all. I have recently bought a tern gsd s00. These are my 1st impressions of the bike. My bike has the front rack fitted, along with the rear short bed tray & panniers, it also has a second 500wh power pack fitted so she is a heavy old beast at 35kg. The bike comes with the...
  5. Bus biker55

    Bern helmets

    Hi all, Looking at getting myself a tern Brentwood helmet. Anyone got one? Are they good? Any opinions appreciated
  6. Bus biker55

    Are indicators worth fitting

    Hi all, Just a quick question from a new member. Do any of you have indicators fitted to your bikes? Are they useful? I can see the benefit in poor light conditions, but what about bright sunlight. Do other road users heed them. The reason I ask is I will be using my bike all year...
  7. Bus biker55

    Car sold, bike ordered!

    Hi all, sold my car today, got a better price than I thought as well! I've bitten the bullet and ordered my bike. My original post was asking if any existing owners could give me their views about it. (I had spoken to gsd s10 owners, but not s00 owners). This morning my daughter and I decided to...
  8. Bus biker55

    1st time e biker

    Hi all I am new to the forum and thinking of getting myself a tern gsd s00. I am a 52 year old bus driver with a new 15mile round trip commute which will be mostly cycle paths with a few muddy sections. My previous commute was a 6mile round trip for which l used a dahon curve xl (old commute...