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  1. Wicky

    'Electric bikes 'could help people return to work'' "There will also be problems with bike theft – and of culture in places where there is little history of cycling." I agree - big problem is secure parking in towns / cities.
  2. Wicky

    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    Court case has started... A cyclist accused of killing a pedestrian while riding a modified e-bike was travelling more than 10mph over the speed limit, a jury heard. Thomas Hanlon, 32, was "going way too quickly" when he hit Sakine Cihan...
  3. Wicky

    Erik Buell’s new Fuell Fluid electric bicycle with 200 km range Claimed price for the battery pack seems cheap The Fuell Fluid’s multiple versions have MSRPs ranging from around $3,300-$3,700, but they are available for a 30% discount during the pre-order period. The Fluid-1 with a...
  4. Wicky

    E-scooters on UK roads? Not any time soon Last year Bird, an American company valued at a couple of billion dollars, brought its electric scooter service to the UK, with a pilot scheme on London's Olympic Park. It seemed a strange move because e-scooters are illegal on UK roads, which is...
  5. Wicky

    Colchester ... CCTV does not work in the dark Don't always assume that CCTV will protect your bike when parked up esp with clocks going forward if this story about problems with my local Council CCTV is prevalent with other town...
  6. Wicky

    Is Green Aviation Really Coming?

    Interesting overview on leccy plane developments from Air & Space Magazine Aug 2018
  7. Wicky

    Audacious bike thieves in and around Essex

    Gang of thieves ride out of Cycle Revolution on £3,500 bicycle HOSTILE thieves threatened staff members before making their getaway on a £3,500 electric bike. Three crooks went into Cycle Revolution in Peartree Road, Stanway, and two of them caught the attention of staff by immediately...
  8. Wicky

    Moped BMX hybrid

    Nice engineering - though creator claims he can get it road legal...
  9. Wicky

    'Police officer riding motorised bike hit a pedestrian - and then sued for HIS injuries' Presumably a pedelec A police officer riding a motorised bike hit a pedestrian in a cycle lane - and then sued for damages claiming the man had stepped into his path. Tony...
  10. Wicky

    Keep seeing a Meijs Motorman leccy moped Frinton-on-Sea way

    Odd looking thing but from the specs its seems to motor along. Spotted it around a few places parked up but not on the move.
  11. Wicky

    Italian pedelec crash *ouch!*

    :eek: :oops:
  12. Wicky

    Thieves conceal sabotaged cycle rack to steal bike A cyclist who had her bike stolen after it was secured to a sabotaged bike rack has warned others about the "cunning" scam. Sarah King found her cycle was missing from a rack in Camberwell on Thursday night following a meeting. Ms King said...
  13. Wicky

    First Electric Planes Fly Over English Channel But did it have a dongle...
  14. Wicky

    'Killer' Armadillo cycle path dividers

    Thoughts on these 'Armadillos' being installed (Gosforth in Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Motorcyclists not a happy bunch about them
  15. Wicky

    Govt. revs up leccy motorcycle market

    Thoughts folk? It says: Motorcycles and scooters will join cars, vans, trucks and buses in the government’s drive for greener vehicles, Business Minister Matthew Hancock announced today (27 March 2015). Up to £7.5...
  16. Wicky

    'Motoped' - idea from US

    Not pedelec electric but an interesting idea for cheaply pootllng about on - Slap a C90 motor in and hit the cycle lanes ;-) Should be cheap to run - classed as moped (if 50cc) so easy to insure, MOT etc.
  17. Wicky

    Greetings from Essex

    Hi Stumbled across this site while researching into leccy bikes, and look forward to continuing to learn and contribute here. Currently a motorcyclist (no car licence) and after a heart attack a couple or three years back got into cycling for commuting and leisure which has gone well bar the...