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    My other motor may be faulty part 2

    I don't have a lot of luck with my bikes, it seems to be constant money. Anyway going on from this thread in 2019 which was a 26" motor I have now got the same problem with my 700c motor - I was riding home on...
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    Are converted bikes legal?

    I'm going back 7 years to when I first tried a converted Trek bike but the shop owner who converted it made it clear that the bike wasn't legal to ride on the roads because it hadn't passed certain tests. He put the responsibility in my hands, so worrying a bit I went to another shop and bought...
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    Does anybody know the proper name for this please?

    I know it is a Julet Cable End Plug but searching for that finds nothing. Sometimes I take my computer/LED off and close the connection with this plug and I can continue cycling with pedal assist and throttle on full. I want to buy a spare but don't know what the proper name is. Thanks
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    E-bike rider weeps as he is cleared of death by careless driving

    I'm quite surprised he hasn't been sent down using a derestricted bike!
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    Two new batteries, now both dead :(

    I've just had two new 36v 11.6ah dolphin type batteries from what looks like a reputable company (I don't want to name them yet). The idea is to replace my bottle batteries which are a pain to remove from my two bikes with two dolphins that use a key and lift off. I am also intending to swap the...
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    My motor may be faulty - advice please.

    The last time I had a problem with my motor I had some helpful advice that saved me money so you never know. I have two (nearly) identical eBikes with identical parts and the other day one of them stopped working, I'd been riding it the day before with no problems. So this was an easy test...
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    PAS vs Throttle (battery usage)

    When I bought my first eBike about 5 years ago I read some reviews/tests and I always remember a couple of articles where the owners said something like: On PAS I get 25 miles but on throttle it does 35 miles. On another forums this week somebody has also said they get more miles if they use...
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    Freezing weather and eBike problems

    Yesterday I got to work really pleased my battery lights on my computer were showing 3 out of 4 lights meaning I might get 3 commutes out of my new battery (27 miles and I'd already done half that). When I was leaving work my first LED was flashing on and off which normally means the battery is...
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    Battery maintenance tips please

    Hi I've just taken delivery of a new 36v 12.8ah bottle battery and I want to keep this one in tip top condition if possible. I've got two eBikes fitted with Cyclotricity gear and they have served me well, both batteries have got much shorter memories for a while now and two weeks ago one of...
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    Spec me a 36v 250w 26" front wheel please

    My motor was making a noise intermittently yesterday and became a full on faulty washing machine motor today and decided to not work at all. I've repaired to many motors to know this is FUBAR'd so I'm looking for a new one. I've had Cyclotricity wheels in the past (this is 5 years old) but...
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    Where can I buy a decent battery from?

    I was going to buy from Eclipse Bikes but trying to get an email reply is non existent and not having a phone number to contact is dodgy. Somebody suggested EM3EV which looked great but then a whopping delivery charge. In another thread somebody did link to a Chinese firm that deal out of a...
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    Help on setting my gears please

    I've been riding for many years and I've always adjusted my own gears and many other peoples but I'm now stuck. No matter what I do I can't set my gears correctly but this is what I've done so far - 1) I changed the cable and when unscrewed from the rear derailleur it does move up & down when...
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    Anybody had this battery problem?

    Riding up a steep hill my battery will die but if I turn it off/on it will come back on! It isn't linked to a computer, throttle only (or perhaps this is the problem). Any ideas?
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    Help finding 36v battery charger please

    My charger has just died (5 weeks out of warranty) that I use with a 36v 9Ah bottle battery but I don't want to pay that amount - (bottom item on that page). I will ask the company if I've still got any warranty on it but I'm thinking 12 months is...
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    Cyclotricity 500 Watt Rear Wheel

    Selling my 500 watt rear wheel because I have no need to ride at 24 mph on the throttle. I also ride my Trek conversion without electric for at least 95% of my commute but the bike this came off was way too heavy to ride without power and I used it for about 2 months max. It retails for £180 new...
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    Readout for battery?

    Somebody must have come across this before and solved it. I want to buy another 250 watt Cyclotricity kit (I like them) but I'm not bothered about a computer or pedal assist so basically motor, bottle battery and throttle. How would I go about displaying an accurate readout for the battery? I...
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    Help with battery wiring please

    I have sent an email to the supplier but I need an answer so I can work on it tomorrow if possible. I've been having intermittent electrical problems with my 36v 9Ah bottle battery so decided to remove the cable and was presented with two wires which had come off the pins and two wires still...
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    Cyclotricity Stealth

    Reviewer: aardvark5 (age 56) Also own a Forme Longcliffe v3 road bike & Carrera Subway MTB/Hybrid Purchased From: eBike Shed, Leek Road, Stoke on Trent Purchase Price: £799 Time Owned: 9 weeks = 10 miles a day x 5 days = 450 miles+ Local Terrain: Flat / Moderate Hills / Very Hilly...