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    Finally a flaw with the Bosch Active

    After two trouble free years and 2500km of cycling, I have had a problem with the Raligh Motus. .. cycling downhill on bumpy road, the stays holding the rear carrier came adrift. The carrier, containing the battery pack , jerked back and dislodged some of the interior cables in the housing... A...
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    Any thoughts on the Victoria Pendleton ebike

    My wife is interested in this product as it appeared in a number of women's magazines, .It is a Halfords product. I would appreciate comments . What size is the battery?
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    Second e bike in 8 years

    Hi I am a newbie to this forum but have been using a e bike since 2008. It is was an urban moverUM24 , which was an expensive rear hub folding bike. The problem with it was no worthwhile backup service. The Ni mh battery slowly gave up capacity over 3 years and no replacement s were available...