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    For sale Kalkhoff Integrale i8. £1350

    Now sold
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    For sale Kalkhoff Integrale i8. £1350

    Hi, sorry for the delay in replying I have been away. No it is a recent replacement that was done by 50cycles under warranty.
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    For sale Kalkhoff Integrale i8. £1350

    Sorry for the delay in replying I have been away. I had already ordered a Reise and Muller Charger before the motor change. Yes I am in the UK near Nottingham
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    For sale Kalkhoff Integrale i8. £1350

    This bike is in very good condition frame size is 55 and would suit anyone around 5' 10" and above. - The concealed in frame 17ah battery, charges to over 95% capacity showing range of around 100 miles - 3rd Generation much improved motor under warranty Impulse EVO RS - Belt drive with...
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    Ongoing reliability of Kalkhoff/Focus Impulse 2 motors

    Hi, Just some input from an Integrale I8 user. I purchased my bike from 50Cycles back in November 2015. About 12 months later I had problems with motor, took it back and had a new motor under warranty. I again had problems with the motor in April this year and had what I believe is a 3rd...
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    The Kalkhoff Klunk - kontinued

    Motor sprocket Hi, I have had my Kalkoff for 2 years and done about 2500 miles. I have changed the motor sprocket twice in that period, the second time at about 2000 miles. I had a similar problem to what you are describing and changing the motor sprocket fixes it each time. You can hardly...
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    Thule 916 Electric Bike Carrier

    Sold Hi everyone, hopefully this is now sold. Being collected at the weekend.
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    Thule 916 Electric Bike Carrier

    Hi, I have the above cycle carrier for sale. It is unused (even has the little polystyrene bits on it that it was packed in) as I had to get rid of the car with the tow bar before I got chance to use. It will take up to 60Kg in weight for 2 cycles and fits on the ball of the tow bar. It has...
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    Cracks in tyres

    Hi, I purchased a Kalkhoff Pro Connect S from 50 cycles back in April last year. The tyres on it are Continental Top Contact and they are starting to crack around the sidewalls. Does anyone have any experience of these tyres as I have another bike that is 8 years old and no such cracking is...
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    National Cycle Route One to close?

    Sustrans Route One Hi, I am planning to use this route next week and a friend contacted the pub, here was the reply. No, we are in legal negotiations with Sustrans about the footpath as prior to us buying the property they built the footpath with no planning consent which has left us open...
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    Where Are You?

    Location Hi I have a Kalkhoff pro connect S27 Location is NG13
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    Conversion of Giant Revive semi recumbent

    Conversion Hello flecc thanks for the reply. The model I have is the 21 speed SRAM model, so rear hub motor would not be possible. As you rightly say there is not a lot of weight on the front wheel due to the design, so it may be that I would have to go for a cyclone motor, although looking at...
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    Conversion of Giant Revive semi recumbent

    Hi Guys, I have a Giant revive which I purchased a number of years ago because I had a severe back injury and it was the only bike I could ride for any distance. I now would like to convert it to an electric bike, are there any views or pointers that people could give to help achieve this?
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    Pro Connect Disc 8 - ticking noise

    Hi I have had a similar problem, thought it was a gear adjustment at first. I fixed it totally by lubricating the chain with a good oil.
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    Kalkhoff s27 vs s10

    Hi flecc, Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful. It looks like I may go for the S27 then, even though it is more expensive.
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    Kalkhoff s27 vs s10

    Hi, I am new to electric cycles and could do with some advice. I am thinking of buying a proconnect 2011 model and I am unsure which would be more suitable for me. I have test ridden the S9 2010 model and found that in top gear I was pedalling very fast to get a good speed. I am 63 years old...