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    Rugged phones for Bike use.

    Since I havent found another thread I think it will be nice to open a topic on that one. Do you use rugged phone for biking and if , which one? I myself have a Blackview BV9000PRO since 3 years and it works and works and work. BV9000 Pro Blackview BV9000 Pro 5.7 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone 18:9...
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    That Pedelec is interesting...MODMO Saigon

    On my search online I stumbled across this and really like it... MODMO SAIGON, the Company is an Irish one, but the Production is in Saigon, so they named it after it. It has got some unique gimmicks like the "modules" which one can change with a quick lock such as the front basket, rack, and...
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    Greeting from Wally

    Hi guys, I am Wally, xx years old and live in beautiful Derbyshire. Lately I got interested in a Pedelec but have honestly not much of a clue what to buy. I would need it mainly for daily commuting to Work about 10 click back and forth, which I used to do on a bicycle a while ago, but now I am...