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    I have..........

    left the building.
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    Medical advice?

    I fell off my (non-electric) bike two days ago. Got a fractured radius bone near my elbow and lot of internal soft tissue damage in my wrist, otherwise in one piece. Main problem is the pain from the soft tissue damage. Has anyone had a similar accident? I'm wondering how long the pain is likely...
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    Panasonic battery production costs to be cut

    Is it too much to hope that this will mean cheaper Panasonic batteries?:rolleyes: Report: Panasonic to increase li-ion battery production in China — Autoblog Green
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    Government may ban electric bikes

    But fortunately not here: Govt may ban electric bicycles
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    The Three Laws of Batteries

    This is very interesting: The Three Laws of Batteries (and a Bonus Zeroth Law): Cleantech News and Analysis « I think everyone here will recognize the Zeroth law: 'The performance of any battery will fall (just) short of our expectations irrespective of the complexity of the device it is...
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    The Cyclists (Protective Headgear) Bill In NI

    This bill was approved by the Northern Ireland assembly in January. It now goes to their Environment Committee, after which it may become law and will be the first part of the UK to have compulsory wearing of helmets. I always wear a helmet but I do believe it shouldn't be compulsory. This...
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    Last word on the helmet debate?

    A handy reference for the ongoing debate...........citycycling .helmet debate solved...;)
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    Public charging points for electric bikes?

    With work progressing on a standard for electric car charging standards: Cenelec - Charging of electric vehicles Mandate officially handed over to the European Standards Organizations it occurs to me whether electric bike manufacturers will start to produce bikes that could be plugged into...
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    Vca 2010 Race Run

    Not an electric bike run, but BLIMEY!: VCA 2010 RACE RUN on Vimeo:eek:
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    History of Cycle Paths in the Netherlands

    This is interesting. A short history of why there are so many cycle paths in the Netherlands: YouTube - History of Cycle Paths in the Netherlands
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    Bicycle Tutor

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I've found this site very good for clear video advice on bicycle maintenance (the non-electric bits): Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials
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    The future of bike locking

    I want one of these :) : YouTube - Das sicherste Fahrradschloss der Welt
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    50cycles announce new Kalkhoff batteries and prices

    See: Kalkhoff New Battery Technology - 8Ah, 12Ah and 18Ah Lithium electric bike batteries £500 for the 18Ah version with 1100 charge cycles before 60% depletion.
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    E-bikes at Eurobike trade show

    Some interesting thoughts on the Shimano, Bosch and Panasonic systems exhibited. About halfway down, just past the gratuitous shot of some scantily clad women: Bakfiets en Meer » Blog Archive » E-Urobike 2010: Same stuff, new colors?
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    LIDL bike gear

    LIDL will have bike gear in on 27th September: LIDL Wonder if the panniers are any good for day to day use?:)
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    Solar powered e-biking cellist

    You might like this. A cellist who tours using a bike assisted by a solar powered trailer: Cyclist Musician To Tour with Cello and Recycled, Solar-Powered, Electric-Assist Bicycle Trailer : TreeHugger:)
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    Question on partial charging

    Knowing how fussy Lithium batteries are I have always assumed that it is best to fully charge a battery. Occasionally it would be useful to do a quick top-up rather than wait for the full 3 to 5 hour charging cycle to complete. Does anyone know or have any experience in using partial...
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    Trek Transport+

    This looks interesting. A new cargo e-bike from Trek: Trek Bikes | Bikes | Gary Fisher Collection | Transport+ Looks like it has the same Bionx system as the other Trek e-bikes.
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    In In Holland One out of Eight Bikes Is Electric

    In Holland One out of Eight Bikes Is Electric Interesting article: Bike Europe - News: In Holland One out of Eight Bikes Is Electric
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    E-bike prejudice?

    See the end: Do Electric Bikes Make Us Lazy After All? : TreeHugger Apparently these are the only reasons anyone would want to use an e-bikes: for fun dealing with an injury, or wanting to build up fitness gradually or at best a half-way step to proper cycles.:confused: