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    Converting from front wheel to rear wheel kit.

    I currently have a front wheel conversion kit on a road bike. For various reasons I wish to convert to a rear wheel set up. Can anyone recommend where I can buy the rear wheel from 700c, 36v and 250 watt, I have trawled the internet looking for a Mahle or equivalent wheel.
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    Replacement battery

    Hi folks I am looking to replace the battery on my ebike conversion kit. It is a 36volt , 250 watt front wheel system with a bottle mount battery. I have read a lot about good cells and bad cells and and am confused. Can I seek recommendations as to which "good" one to buy
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    Help with finding an ebike repair shop

    As I have posted earlier I am having problems with my front wheel ebike conversion. Can anyone out there recommend a bike shop in Yorkshire where I could take the bike for repair. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    Help with an electric problem

    My front wheel conversion kit has run faultlessly for a few years but now has developed problems. When I switch it on the display light on the KT880 display comes on but immediately goes out. I have bypassed the display with a jumper connection but on a ride yesterday the system died again. The...