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    Carrera problem

    My Carrera E-Vengeance, which has served me well for three years, has now gone sulky! It was fine a few days ago; I removed the battery for a charge but, although the battery now shows a full charge, the bike does not respond, although all the operational lights come on. (It is a 2018 model...
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    Ebikes and water

    I have had my Carrera E-Vengeance for three years now and, on balance, it was a good bargain-basement buy. However, on two occasions it has had a soaking; the first was when I got caught out in a cloudburst, the second was when I decided to jet-wash it after a particularly muddy journey. After...
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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    I believe it is recommended that slimed tubes (either pre-slimed or self-slimed) are replaced after two years. Seems a reasonable proposition to me for a puncture-free existence.
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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    Have been using slime now for two years/3000 miles and no punctures! Can't see how it could be used with presta valves, though.
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    Electric Carrera Vengeance E Spec controller problem

    Is the bike still under warranty? You should insist that Halfords repair it, or provide you with a replacement ebike, or refund your money.
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    £1000 cycle 2 work halfords crappy voucher

    I've been very happy with my Carrera Vengeance. It's the 2018 model with the Bafang motor and cadence sensor, and has given no trouble that regular lubrication and a replacement set of brake pads couldn't fix. The latest model has been updated somewhat and is now a little over £1000 (I paid...
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    Help! Tyres deflating

    Why? Because, as you said, slime in a tube makes it impossible to fix big punctures. It's a trade - off; it's a price I'm willing to pay to make punctures far less likely.
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    Help! Tyres deflating

    I am aware there are opposing views on the use of slime. I can only say it works for me. I have not had a puncture since using it two years ago whereas beforehand I regularly got punctures. I have always carried a spare tube anyway, preferring to replace a tube rather than attempt a roadside repair.
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    Help! Tyres deflating

    If I get a "big" puncture in a slime filled tyre, I would expect to replace the tube anyway.
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    Help! Tyres deflating

    Slime is the answer. Since adding slime to my tubes, the tyres stay hard much longer.
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    Ridgeback Arcus 1 2021?

    I can recommend the brand. I am still using regularly a Ridgeback (non-electric) that I bought nearly eight years ago and have ridden thousands of miles on it. It has been a superb machine.
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    Motor maintenance

    Thank you for that. I do ride it in the rain so I guess water ingress could be a problem. It is a 2018 model so predates the Suntour update, but is still within the two year warranty. I may have to face Halfords for their expert attention.
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    Motor maintenance

    After only 650 miles the Bafang hub motor in my Carrera Vengeance, previously very smooth and virtually silent, has developed a whine and feels a little rough. Performance is still okay otherwise. Am I right in thinking that these are sealed units with no scope for lubrication or other...
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    Help! Bike servicing

    When I bought my Carrera Vengeance from Halfords nearly a year ago I (foolishly) took out a one year service contract with them. However, I was so disgusted with the service I received from them at the outset (mudguard fell off on the way home, and the six week check simply wasn't done) I asked...
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    Battery weather tight

    I remember, as a youngster, using a light plastic cape. Not only did it flap about, in strong winds it acted like a sail and threatened to blow you off course. My preference these days is for a good Goretex jacket and a pair of "Rainlegs", a Dutch product that easily, and quickly, ties on and...
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    Sprung Saddle

    This looks virtually identical to one I bought recently for my old Brompton folder (non-electric). I bought it because it promised to be compact and light in weight (assets for a folding bike). Although it looks somewhat primitive, it is surprisingly comfortable, at least over fairly short...
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    Are handlebar gear changers back to front

    I agree, also. I use the ball of my thumb to push the lever forward.
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    I'm new to e-bikes and have lots to learn...

    You might find "" of help, also. I certainly have!
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    New Pedelecer From Belfast!

    What's the legal position on ebikes in NI at the moment? I seem to remember an issue a while back with Halfords withdrawing their sales in the area.
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    Changing handlebars.

    You could give your hands some variation by simply adding some bar ends. I had a similar issue with the bars on my Carrera Vengeance. I found some "mini bar ends" in Decathlon which help enormously. They clamp on and cost £10. I didn't even have to remove the grips; just cut away half an inch...