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    Giant, cube or haibike

    Hi everyone Been looking around online at different bikes,narrownarrowded down to giant explore e+ from local bike shop £2399, had a great trial and whizzed up hills like they weren't there, yesterday had a go on haibike sduro 4 which was also good, £2249 and next week looking at a cube touring...
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    Newbie in a quandry

    Have the budget - £1000. Know a lot about Carrera Crosscity cut out reliability or not! but wondered if anyone had any experience of the new Vengeance as it uses different motors etc I believe. also on the short list was a Freego hawk as a bloke from work has been using one...
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    New bike info

    Hi all New to forum tonight. Have a 7 1\2 mile commute. Up and down along the South coast so need something to get up the short sharp coastal hills. Thinking of using as that is what my work use. Due to the maximum value of a £1000, I've had my eye on Carrera crosscity (fold up...