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  1. vulcanears

    TSDZ2 - remember last power assist setting after restart?

    Good morning everyone! When I set the assist level on my TSDZ2 to maximum and turn off the bike, the next time I turn it on again, it will be on ECO. Is there a way to always have it on maximum assist when turning it on? TYVM in advance!
  2. vulcanears

    Building Ebike batteries for a bike shop - Questions regarding liability, insurance, etc.

    Hey guys. Over the last year, I've done 10+ ebike conversions and built the batteries myself every time, so I have a small bit of experience. I recently met the owner of a bike shop and he is impressed by the value for money of my ebike-conversions and asked me if I would be willing to do...
  3. vulcanears

    Rear hub motor recommendations for cycle courier bike

    Hello everyone! At the moment, my main job is to deliver food on my DIY ebike and I usually ride 80+ miles, 6-7 days a week in a rather hilly town (Brighton). I'm currently using a Bafang G310 rear hub motor, but it's not really up to the task and I have to replace the internal nylon gears...
  4. vulcanears

    Repairing stripped threads on Bafang hub motor.

    Hey everyone. My Bafang G310 has 6 screws that hold the cover plate in place and over the course of 6 months, I stripped 4 of the 6 threads. The screws are fine, but the threads in the motor hoursing just don't grip any more. Any advice how I can fix this? TYVM in advance!
  5. vulcanears

    Searching mounting-plate to secure battery to downtube with hose clamps

    I'm looking for an alternative to Grin's Triple Bob downtube hose clamp battery mount with UK/EU availability, since shipping fees from Canada to England are 33USD. Last week my bike fell over and the...
  6. vulcanears

    Ebike charging using Street EV chargers for electric cars

    Hey everyone! I do a lot of long distance ebike camping touring and battery range is just always an issue. Sometimes I can't charge overnight and I have to find different ways to top up. I always liked the idea of being able to charge my bike using Street EV chargers for electric cars, since...
  7. vulcanears

    Ebike still legal if I run 36V motor at 48V and limit speed to 15mph?

    Hello everyone. I'm currently using a 250W 36V Bafang G310 rear hub motor and a 25A controller that can do 36V and 48V. I'd like a bit more speed when going off-road and considering building a 48V battery but limiting it to 15.5mph when ON the road. Would the bike still be road-legal in...
  8. vulcanears

    Which motor for cycle courier build? (60miles per day)

    Hey everyone! I work full-time as a cycle food courier for deliveroo. I work 6 days a week and average 60+ miles a day. I live in Brighton, so there are a lof of hills, some of which are 12%. I'm in the market for a new bike with DIY ebike conversion or prebuilt ebike. I don't really have...
  9. vulcanears

    BBS01b - 100Nm "extra torque model" (etm)

    Hello everyone. I came across the shop "BrightonEBikes" and they sell a "extra torque model" of the BBS01b. The seller emailed me "The BBS01B-ETM model has uprated internal components compared to the BBS01B (windings in motor side and capacitors / mosfets in controller side), allowing it to...
  10. vulcanears

    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    Hey guys, I'm a bit confused about the legality of thum-throttles in DIY ebike kit-conversions after reading lots of conflicting information. I've been in a few car accidents in my life and insurances usually try anything to avoid paying. So i want a 100% road legal bike to avoid any serious...