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  1. TravelsBelly

    First day out

    Today was the first full proper test Dr be on my new Whisper 905 torque! Thamesmead to Greenwich and back again along the Thames path. 25km according to my phone. Sunny skies and cool breeze. I couldn't ask for a better day for it. I was out from 11:30 to 5:30 (not biking the whole time. I...
  2. TravelsBelly

    New Wisper 905 torque problem

    Hey all. Since I have a Wisper bike I thought I would put this here. I hope that's ok? Just made the leap and brought an Ebike, Wisper 905 torque. Very exciting! Got it delivered on Tuesday. Put it together yesterday but didn't go out due to storms. Made it out today but unfortunately my...
  3. TravelsBelly

    Hello all!

    Hi, I'm Martin from London. I just made the leap and brought an Ebike. I'm really looking forward to getting back into biking and getting fit while I do it. I'm already making plans for places to ride to. At the moment I want to get used to the roads.