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    Aldi Cycling Specialbuys-Starts Thursday 9th May 2019

    Aldi's Cycling Specialbuys are here again, including an excellent bike stand (30kg max) at £24.99:
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    E-Bikes Direct now sells Crussis bikes

    I see E-Bikes Direct are selling the Czech Crussis bikes: This model costs £1,599.99 and has a fully integrated 500Wh 14Ah Panasonic battery powering a Bafang MAX Drive crank drive motor (80Nm)...
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    For Sale Brand new Riese & Muller Swing City Active Plus 500w-Sale price, £400 off
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    For Sale New unused Haibike SDURO Trekking 3.0...£1875 or offer

    Unused. Impulse buy. Large - proof of purchase available (Tredz Jan 2019). Bosch CX motor with 500Wh battery. Collection in person only. This bike cost £2399...
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    At long last, a quality mirror!

    This is the best cycle mirror I have come across: I tried several different mirrors, plus a rear view camera with mobile phone display (the camera worked perfectly, but the phone display was indistinct...
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    For Sale Haibike Sduro FullSeven LT 6.0 27.5+ 2018 (large - 48 cm frame)

    Just found this Haibike: Bought in December 2018 and ridden for only 25 miles. It has had a 6 weeks check and Stans No Tubes conversion done in January...
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    Rear camera

    I recently purchased a HOMSCAM rear view camera and Widras phone holder mount: Both items performed excellently and I can recommend them...
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    Good Ebike Shops- A Guide

    Post # 30 (above) from Chris M has set me thinking. I know there is an ebike dealer search on here, but it is not enough in my opinion...
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    For Sale FreeGo with new battery. Offers?

    This FreeGo has a brand new battery:
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    For Sale FreeGo Eagle

    Budget for a new battery (about £300) from Jimmy at Insat International on this FreeGo Eagle:
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    For Sale Gazelle Chamonix C7

    Gazelle Chamonix (C7?) at £500 or offers: Description of C7:
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    Haibike 1.7 inch LCD display A (2019)- Reset trip to zero?

    Any Haibike owners out there who know how to reset the trip to zero on the Yamaha 1.7 inch LCD display A 2019 (attached)? Also, there is no reference whatsoever to this display in the Haibike manual. Is there an online version for this particular display because my searches have been fruitless...
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    Stolen Bikes UK & Find That Bike UK

    This information may already be posted on here somewhere obvious that I have missed, but anyway, here goes at the sake of repetition. I happened to sign up for Stolen Bikes UK as a result of discussion on a recent thread about a possibly stolen Haibike in Glasgow.
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    For Sale FreeGo Eagle (as new, 13 miles, 15.6ah battery) with bids from £400

    Surely there must be some interest in this FreeGo Eagle in as new condition? 13 miles from new, 15.6 ah battery, not been used due to illness, always kept indoors. Bids start at £400:
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    Review Haibike Sduro FullSeven 3.0-Initial reaction and recommendations

    I have just purchased a Haibike Sduro FullSeven 3.0 for road use only and here is my initial reaction, not a full review, for those who may be interested. I have gone for full suspension (FS) because of the parlous state of my local roads...
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    For Sale Haibike Sduro Trekking with no battery or charger

    Somebody may like to take a punt on this Haibike Sduro Trekking with no battery or charger which allegedly comes from "a car boot sale": Bidding starts at £99.99.
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    For Sale Oxygen S-Cross ST (May 2018) at £800 or offer

    This may be worth a look. It is still under warranty. Oxygen S-Cross electric bike , used 3 times since bought May 2018 , like new:
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    FreeGo bike at decent price for new ebiker?

    For the benefit of anybody looking for a new/used bike at a reduced price (hopefully), FreeGo are well worth a look on ebay, Gumtree etc and Ebikes Direct of course: As vfr400 has pointed out on another thread: Freego are a well known brand that...
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    For Sale FreeGo Eagle (December 2016) with Samsung 16ah battery

    Okay, here’s another one I spotted. This has done under 2000 miles in just over 2 years. Used regularly, so the Samsung 16ah battery on this December 2016 FreeGo Eagle still fully charges and should have plenty more life left in it...
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    For Sale Project bike?

    A possible project for someone?