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    Samsung 20ah 48v Lithium ion Battery, charger, bag, Dillenger RRP £696 NEW Brand new and unused £500

    Samsung 20ah 48v Lithium ion Battery, charger, bag, Dillenger RRP £696 NEW Brand new and unused. Arrived today so it hasn't been sat around. Bought a full kit from dillenger as I needed a replacement motor for my ebike, So spare battery and charger are not needed as already have 2 of each with...
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    Dillenger kit problems - (m) symbol and not working

    As some of you may have read I purchased a kit from Dillenger around 4 months ago. While on a ride yesterday my bike developed what started as an intermittent fault but turned into full failure before I got home. The bike has stopped working and shows a (m) error on the display. After unplugging...
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    Why doesn't anyone make custom battery packs?

    So upon looking for a battery pack for my new build I've discovered that the UK is seriously lacking in this department. My question is why? Are there any laws I'm missing stopping anybody building packs to sell? Why haven't any companies in the uk started offering any of the higher rated...
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    Muddyfox Anarchy 500 - reviews?

    Ok so I think I've found a company who will offer me roughly what I'm looking for. The base bike (before the kit) is a Muddy fox Anarchy 500. As I'm not particularly clued up on bike parts nowadays I wondered if anyone could give me an idea of if its any good. I can't seem to find any reviews...
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    Importing from usa? customs?

    Was thinking about ordering with a 1000w motor and separate 20a battery. Anyone know how much customs would sting me with or if there would be any problems?
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    Any 750w+ and 500wh+ battery bikes avaliable on finance?

    So basically as the title states, does anyone know if its possible to get a 750w+ bike with a 500wh+ battery on finance from anywhere? Hours of searching and I cant find one, anywhere I've missed? My perfect bike would be: Available on finance - most important as I'm rubbish at saving up 1000w+...
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    Looking to make my daily commute as easy as possible

    So due to the fact I am soon to be losing my licence and don't live near a bus route I am looking at getting an electric bike for my daily commute. This consists of a distance of 25 miles there and 25 mile back, including a few long hills. (Devon - Exeter area) I used to cycle a lot when I was...