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    Halfords ebike battery

    My halfords assist 24v battery is coming to the end of its life, I don't want to pay there fee for a new battery, the battery case looks like its easy to take apart, just wondering if it would be or could be replaced with some decent batteries as I'm sure the ones inside are on the cheap side as...
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    Halfords Assist Upgrade

    Hi all, I have a halfords assist 20ln e bike, I know it's cheap and nasty, but for what I do it has been OK over the last 12 months, its 24v would it be OK to fit a 36v battery to it? Would the controller need upgrading and would the 250w motor be OK? Many thanks for any help. Rob
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    Halfords Assist

    Just a thought would it be possible to change the single speed on this bike to a revoshift, say 6 speed don't know if there would be enough room on the rear wheel for the cassette to sit,any one have any idea? Cheers Rob.
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    Just need a bit of info, I have a halfords assist electric bike, 24v could I fit a higher ampage to the bike or would it mess the controler up? Say 24v x 10amp I think the original is around 4 amp. Many thanks Rob
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    Powabyke trike

    I have a early 2002 I think? powabyke trike, I noticed the hub motor is getting noisy there is a grease nipple on one end of the shaft, but need to know what grease to use it's a brushed motor, any help would be gratefull thankyou. Rob
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    I have been given a powerbyke trike she has stood for a year outside but after a clean up and battery charge runs great, is powerbyke company still about anyone?
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    Lifepo4 Cells

    I have purchased a lifepo4. 24v 14a battery, anyone know how many cells this battery has please. Rob
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    24vsla vs lipo4

    Hi all I run my Aprilia enjoy on 2 12v SLA battery's and find them very heavy I get around 15 miles on each charge, they are 14 amp hour battery's, I'm thinking of getting a lifepo 4 24v 10amp would I get better millage with this battery or about the same I don't want to spend a lot on this and...
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    Aprilia Enjoy Battery Charger

    Aprilia battery charger in good working order. 07511627200
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    Aprilia Enjoy

    Just got myself a apilia enjoy city , the controller was shot so I have sent for a new one from china, the bikes in great condition I put 12volts to the motor and it spun up the rear wheel so apart from the rubbish controller looks to be a good bike, anyone on the forum have one of these or am I...
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    Aprilia Enjoy Conversion

    I have just got a aprilia enjoy the battery is dead and I think the controller has had it, apart from that its a smart bike I use it as a standard road bike but would be nice to have some electric power, I'm thinking of getting a conversion kit could anyone here recommend a kit for this bike...
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    Juicy Sport 2011

    My Juicy sport 2011 for sale at a bargain price to forum members £400.00 this is as new still warranty to Jan 2012, has a few extras, as clean as the day i purchased it. 07511627200. Rob.
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    Juicy Sport 2011.

    I have decided to sell my juicy sport 2011 model, purchased this january from juicy bikes of buxton, this is a fantastic bike im only selling as i have purchased another motor scooter and one has to go, the bike is as new with no marks on her at all and allways cleaned and checked after each...
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    Fold up e-bike.

    selling my fold up e-bike as its just not getting used, purchased January 2011 polished alloy frame will fold up to go into a car, 24v and battery charger, will run 22miles on peddle assist, this is a great bike that has had no use only about 50 miles, has a full lighting set and full mud guards...
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    300miles on a juicy.

    Just a short review of my juicy sport 2011, i purchased this great bike in january of this year and have ridden some 300 miles on her, most trips i do are around 24 to 33 miles and there have been no problems, the bike pulls well i only use peddle assist but hills are no problem to it, i did...
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    Spot the non bicycle rider!!

    I have been riding motor cycles for around 45 years now as well as bicycles, i now own a juicy electric bike in one word fantastic. But ohh spot the non bike rider, why do they have to try and get in front of you with just 10 feet of road left and nowhere to go, i have great respect for most car...
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    Battery Life?

    Having just purchased a bike from juicy bikes in buxton, i wonder how long would this battery last? battery is 36/10amp, they say it will take around 800 or so charges? i did around 15miles today first time out and still had 2 lights on when i got home, very pleased with this bike its the 2011...
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    Goop or Slime!!!!!!

    Anyone here put goop or slime into there tyres? i was told to put this stuff into my bike tyres and it would stop punctures? Anyone??????
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    White Knuckle

    I see on e-bay is a new White Knuckle for £499.00 as im new to this would this seem a good buy? normal price was £700.00. Thanks Rob.