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  1. gucu

    Hardrock Specialized Bike

    Hi I have just been given a Hardrock bike and I love the look of the bike. I want to convert to a rear hub motor as I have done several of these. However, when I look at the drop-outs they are small and I wondered whether it would be too much torque through them. Is it possible to extend them...
  2. gucu

    Fat Bike Wheel

    Hopefully someone can help. I bought a lovely fat bike the other day and it is amazing fun but going up hills is a drag and so I also acquired 1500 watts of power. Unfortunately I didn't do my research! So the fat bike has a 32 spoke wheel and the fat bike has a 36 spoke wheel. I have done some...
  3. gucu


    Hi I purchased an electric wheel kit from ebay: The kit is a 1000w motor running 48v and I have a 20a/h 48v battery...
  4. gucu

    Bike Speedometer

    Hi What's the best speedo I can buy for a bike please? Would love to have a mileage indicator for a journey and also overall mileage. Thanks Rich
  5. gucu

    Thumb Throttle to Twist

    Hi All I have just built my first e-bike and it is amazing fun. I have one issue in that the gears are thumb change and the throttle is also a thumb control. In Cornwall where there are more hills than the rest of the world combined (!), it is frustrating to try to change gears to a better gear...