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  1. Transistor

    Bosch ebike mechanical derestrictor

    Readers may be interested in my attempt - not quite successful - at a mechanical derestrictor for my Bosch system. Electronic systems are available - the BadAssBox series, for example - which detect the magnet passing their own sensor and pass every second pulse back to the Bosch system to fool...
  2. Transistor

    Koga rear rack cross-member attachment holes

    My Koga E-lement has a battery pack version of this rear rack. There are four holes (green) and four slots (yellow) running front to back in two of the cross-members. Does anyone know what they're for? Are they fastener locations for paniers? Thanks.
  3. Transistor

    Kalkhoff / Panasonic NUA009L4 (mid-engine) service manual?

    Bike: Kalkhoff Agattu, 2009. Motor: Panasonic NUA009L4 (mid-engine) Problems: Play on the pedal crank. Severe play on the motor drive shaft. Reduced mechanical power output. I'd like to purchase some bearings to refurbish the motor unit and have them ready before I take it apart. Does anyone...