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    Kalkhoff Tasman, failed again!

    Hi all, I bought a Kalkhoff Tasman 8 from 50 Cycles in June 2014. In July 2016, the motor failed completely and 50 Cycles replaced it under warranty. I've now got another problem which could also be the motor or it its electronics. The walk assist function works but the start assist (where...
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    Kalkhoff Tasman

    Hi all I have a Kalkhoff Tasman Classic. A great bike which I've had for just over two years. Last October I had a problem where the handlebar display was blank but the drive and selection worked fine. However today, I have discovered that the display is working correctly but there is no...
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    Kalkhoff Tasman display problem?

    Hi all I have had a Kalkhoff Tasman for just over a year. I think it's great. However when I was out riding yesterday, after a short break at a friend's, when I resumed riding, the display (small display) showed only "PEDAL". It goes through the normal start up sequence but then just shows...