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  1. Ultrafunkula

    Battery Location advice please

    Yep avoid rear rack, it's high and weight in the wrong place , makes bike unstable at maneuvering and high speed ,
  2. Ultrafunkula

    BBS02 on Cannondale Trail 6 Any challenges expected?

    Th The only problem you may encounter is chain alignment front to rear, it depends on bike , a lot of guys fit the bling ring to fix/ improve the issue you may encounter,also check crank arms for tightness a few times after doing some runs as they tend to loosen , when kit is fitted don't...
  3. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    Nice looking bike, climbing ability on these motors are great, so silent too, I have my keep current at 80, makes motor a little louder ,my display I have never got wet but they are supposed to be watertight, Brightonebikes on this forum has fitted a colour display to the max drive , looks...
  4. Ultrafunkula

    Carrera Crossfire-E bike Hub drag

    I would say ride it with the power off , no drop off point and will drag from the outset,then go to Halfrauds, get a test ride on a new one, see it that is the same and take it from there for resolution, my A2B metro was impossible to ride with motor switched off, my MTB with crystalyte hub...
  5. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    It would be good to have supplier of the 25amp rated controller instead of Emax 20amp one , hope they come back with good price, My original 10ah battery with I think the 29 Samsung pinkies was ok for light commuting and gentle jaunts but any serious use or motors unlocked potential soon showed...
  6. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    Bms rating that Jimmy fitted is 50amp, he said that the 17ah GA cell pack would supply 22a without issue, a spin up the road at full whack sagged within a minute , only for it to recover after a few minutes of rest. You have me worried that I could destroy this pack , I may have to turn the...
  7. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    Also check out our greenway cross city pages on this forum .
  8. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    Hi our greenway have 33.350 motor on them, all difference we believe is that our 350 controllers are 25amp max the 250 is a 20 amp, they are set real low at 14amp and with a keep current of around 20% to get mileage out of the battery, mine is now running 22amps with a keep current at 80% I also...
  9. Ultrafunkula

    front downtube battery that removes sideways

    My greenway goes in from the side is only 10ah tho is it called so6 model?
  10. Ultrafunkula

    Greenway Cross City

    I've not been out on mine for a couple of weeks, been real busy , if I get a chance I'll try to get out and have a listen to the motor see if I can hear anything ,I too am running 22 amps and unlimited speed (well 60kmh)still with the 48t sprocket, I know motor is working hard at times , even...
  11. Ultrafunkula

    Someone to cycle with.

    Gringo, I'm up in Cov and get free travel, but not much free time, but Id be up for a spin round your way sometime
  12. Ultrafunkula

    A2B Hybrid/24

    Lovely to ride , I had the a2b metro, but when that battery goes flat it's like pedalling a moped with brakes stuck on.
  13. Ultrafunkula

    Thinking of selling my bike.....

    I reckon the stealer will offer a bag of sand for your old bike in part ex. Keep your bike, buy a greenway for another grand , add a few upgrades to make a top bike without the knickable name .and you'll still have enough for a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins pie shop, Shame you are up North from...
  14. Ultrafunkula

    A Brace of KTM's

    On a trip out with the missus today in Ironbridge, sitting having a beer were a lovely couple with pair of KTM eMTB's his and hers, comfy seats fitted and a lovely pink hooter to warn folk they were coming through, I introduced myself and we had a little chat ,they said it was the best thing...
  15. Ultrafunkula

    near miss today

    I had a guy do that when I was on a moped years ago, I drew level with him, to which he said that I shouldn't be on the road anyway and drove off! As a family youthful lad back then I followed him about 2 miles to which he pulled onto another drive and got out, i at first asked why no apology...
  16. Ultrafunkula

    Greenway Cross City

    Having a tinker around when I swapped the battery on my greenway today, I took it upon myself to have a delve into the downtube with a hook as the seemed to be wires in there, low and behold there is a pair of wires in there which I believe to be for Ebrakes with connectors on, I'll be having...
  17. Ultrafunkula

    Check this bad boy out

    You got to admire the Dutch for some of these creations. I think I was about 16 when I last saw a pair of cowhorn bars like that.
  18. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    A quick update from electricbike blog review on the new Bafang Max Ultra drive 1000w I'm suprised they are only running 18amps through it , maybe because it's still in prototype level, but frames etc. Are being manufactured ready for its release...
  19. Ultrafunkula

    Greenway Cross City

    I hate spellcheck and autocorrect to some word alien to the conversation , mind you the problem I am having with the battery I think the word may be correct , Dave.
  20. Ultrafunkula

    Greenway Cross City

    Some great info on updates to the bikes , good to see we are all enjoying this budget bike,I have to speak with Jimmy at bga, if I use the switch on the battery to turn battery off then back on, there is no life at all as if I have dead battery, however when I plug charger in it must change a...