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    Ongoing reliability of Kalkhoff/Focus Impulse 2 motors

    Reading through all this is mating me nervous:) I have a Focus Thron, with the big battery that has covered 3000 miles in three years and still runs a quiet as a mouse. I live in South Devon and it gets a bit of a hammering on high power with all the hills around here. I've also used it to tour...
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    Need a good hill climber

    Vic, I live in South Devon, and like you needed a good hill climber. I bought a Kalkoff (focus) Thron in the end because I like green laning too. I can heartily recommend it, top quality build an excellent range, even with the big hills, I get over 50 miles easily. Just swallow hard when you get...
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    Newbie on the thron

    Hi I'm new to pedelecs, and have jumped in at the deep end with a Focus Thron, which after nearly 200 miles still amazes me with its duration and hill climbing. Planning to take it on a tour to Brittany in September, anyone on here got any advice or tips? I am planning to use the voies vertes...