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  1. Markxc40

    Tyre pressure

    I have and ebike a Cube Acid which I am giving a once over before taking it out on the road again this year. Just got a track pump and can see that the tyres are 23 to 50 PSI, how should I set them front to rear. I'm 15 1/2 stone and will mainly ride on tracks, some roads and a little hillside...
  2. Markxc40

    Help! Which mudguards do I install.

    The ebike I decided to go for was a CUBE ACID HYBRID ONE 500 19" frame 29" wheels. I wanted the version that had mudguards and a Pannier on the rear plus front and rear lighting but the only version they had in stock was the mountain bike version. This doesn't have any of the above but the shop...
  3. Markxc40


    Hello New to ebikes about 1 month but since I've been riding I don't seem to notice any difference in the power between TURBO AND ECO Modes which are the top and bottom of the ranges. I tried to test out the system today by lifting up the rear wheel and hand peddling in the different mode...
  4. Markxc40

    what is it?????

    Just having a re-read of my new ebike paperwork and a tidy up of everything and found this item amongst the paperwork.. I've no idea what it is can anybody explain it please. Regards
  5. Markxc40

    no lights -- want lights

    Hello all. I wanted to purchase a Cube ACID hybrid one 500 Allroad 29 but had to settle for its brother the ACID hybrid one 500 29 as there wasn't any of the Allroad available in the UK. The only differences between them is the Allroad has the addition of mudguards, kick stand and lights, the...
  6. Markxc40

    New helmet required

    Hello. I'm new to ebiking and have just obtained a Cube Acid Hybrid ebike. Before I go out on the road what sort of helmet should I buy and is there a BSS I should look out for? Looking online there are many variants so if there is one that is more suitable for a glasses wearing pensioner then...
  7. Markxc40

    Gear shifting

    Hello all I have just taken delivery of my Cube Acid Hybrid 500 29er and am a little unsure of the gear shifting operation. There are 2 levers, pushing one with my right thumb moves the gears from 1 up to 9. Pulling the other lever with my right index finger brings the chain back again to...
  8. Markxc40

    Just a nagging doubt...………. but?

    Hello I'm new on here but there is such a mine of useful information to be had so I ask another question. One thing that bothers me is the slight nag I have about my new bikes identity. I know all bikes have a ID number stamped somewhere on the frame, in my case it will be a Cube Acid Hybrid...
  9. Markxc40

    About to buy but I have concerns

    Hello all. I am new to e-bikes and have been seeking and getting advice on e-bikes. To that end I have made a choice based on the German Cube brand as being a good mix of quality and price. I've been using my local shop to view some of the range and made my choice of a Cube Acid Hybrid one 500...
  10. Markxc40

    another new Cube ebike question

    I got another question on choosing which ebike. I like the Cube Acid Hybrid one 500 series but they [Cube] have released a 2020 version. This has the option of the bigger and better battery tube and also the Gen4 2020 motor however I'm struggling to find it online. Can anybody point me in the...
  11. Markxc40

    first time ridding for real

    Hello all. I'm about to collect my new e-bike nxt week. Apart from a couple of tours around the shop I not ridden any e-bike for any length of time. Is there anything I should do from a safety or enjoyment point of view before I set off. Cheers
  12. Markxc40

    First time e-bike chooser needing some guidance.

    Hello. I'm a reasonably fit retired 70+year old male now looking to keep myself ticking over in the fitness stakes. I've started to google looking for advice but I know nothing about the myriad of e-bike manufacturers out there. Previously worked in the electrical/electronic engineering...
  13. Markxc40

    New to e-bikes

    Hello all I'm returning to riding a bike after many years away to improve my general fitness. However I will be opting for some assistance from an e-bike to do this and will be looking for some guidance from yourselves in purchasing one. I used to play a lot of football then Badminton and...