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    Battery charging, how often

    Advice please. How often should I charge my battery? It's a new bike and at present I'm charging it when I return from a ride. The battery is about half full or a little more. I tried searching but there are many posts with the words battery and charging
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    Second day, changes already

    After my second ride yesterday on my new Cube hybrid one 400, only ten miles in total I decided that I needed to change the saddle. Digging around in my garage I found my old Brooks saddle. It hadn't been used for at least 5 years, probably more and hadn't been treated over this period. Bi...
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    Nothing like binding your time

    Hello I've been browsing the forum for many years and finally taken the plunge. I haven't been able to ride my unassisted bikes for about 5 years now. So today I went out tried a few bikes and my wife bought me one for my birthday. What a revelation I've ridden 8 miles which may not seem far to...