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  1. oriteroom

    Chain tensioner hub gear question (for Flecc)

    Hi Flecc Cannot locate your great Panasonic guide which has the ideal distance between centres on the motor and the chain tensioner wheel. Also, 50cycles have sent me a spring which is larger than the original and the ends finish in the same plane as the spring, instead of being both ends...
  2. oriteroom

    Anyone interpret what's for sale here! panasonic motor or what?

    i cannot work out what's on offer. Anyone else?
  3. oriteroom

    Anyone Fancying a PUNT on the new Impulse Evo bike in 2016

    Given the increasing level of posts on this forum concerning high mileage/long term reliability issues of the Impulse range of motors that Kalkhoff have 'developed' (I use the term reservedly), Question....... Is anyone going taking a PUNT on the latest (third) re-incarnation of the Impulse...
  4. oriteroom

    Is Kalkhoff losing brand quality in pursuit of development?

    At the risk of being a neanderthal or luddite........ With battery problems and now motor problems I start to believe Kalkhoff have taken their eye of the ball, with the latest breeds poorer that the original panasonic powered units. Having supposedly "upgraded" (i use the term reservedly) my...
  5. oriteroom

    Change of use for Local Bike Shop

    :) :)
  6. oriteroom

    16 tooth Sprocket on Nexus hub

    Hi all, Just got Mrs 'O' a new Kalkhoff Tasman, which comes fitted with a 21 tooth sprocket and 38 tooth chain ring which gives her low gears she'll probably not use, and it would be better to have some higher gears to allow input at speeds over about 18mph e.g. When she's downhill with a...
  7. oriteroom

    What are all these dodgy links?

    Hi Flecc What are all these dodgy link warnings you have posted on a number of threads?
  8. oriteroom

    Not getting any better out there on the roads

    FOURTH FATAL CYCLIST ACCIDENT IN LONDON IN SEVEN WEEKS A cyclist killed in a collision with a tipper lorry in central London was a French-born mother-of-two, Claire Hitier-Abadie, 36. She died in an accident with a lorry at a busy junction in Victoria during yesterday morning's rush-hour. It...
  9. oriteroom

    Chain for Kalkhoff ProConnect

    Having trouble sourcing new chain for 2008 ProConnect. Replaced chain in 2010, when I also bought a new 41T chainring as well but never used. 50cycles sent me recently a 132 link KMC chain, but it must be 3/32 not 1/8 as it rides up in the chainring, both the old and new one, and teeth do not...
  10. oriteroom

    Odd Kalkhoff spares offer on eBay

    This seems an odd offer of Kalkhoff ProConnect for spares on eBay. No wheels, battery and in quite a state with a stating price of £799!!! Selling for a friend. Looks like it a crash.
  11. oriteroom

    Kalkhoff handlebar controller compatibility

    Does anyone know/have experience of whether the older handlebar switch on the Kalkhoff ProConnect or Agattu can be replaced by the slightly later one as shown in the pictures below?. Are the electronics compatible Can put full image up if need Thanks
  12. oriteroom

    Slow oncoming cyclists

    Spotted on the IoW. No punctuation, so expect some very slow cyclists coming contra-flow :):) Obviously not e-bikers or Lycra clad
  13. oriteroom

    Changing headset on Kalkhoff Pro Connect

    My wife's step through Pro Connect (2008) has developed 'indexing' of the headset after some 9,000 miles, such that there is a subtle resistance/preference to fix the steering at straight ahead. I assume to fix it, it will need new cartridge headset bearings. My question is does anyone have...
  14. oriteroom

    Problem with Kalkhoff ProConnect handlebar display

    Hi My handlebar controller on a 2010 Kalkhoff ProConnect S had recently developed a fault. The full capacity battery indicator light blinks/goes out intermittently (e.g. When turning handlebars and flexing the cable harness) when the battery has a full charge. I've think the fault lies with a...
  15. oriteroom

    Problem with switch on Kalkoff ProConnect in rain?

    Anyone have experience with water ingress into handlebar control switch on a Kalkhhoff ProConnect / Agattu? We were out today and unusually got caught in the rain. (We're allowed to get wet but not the Kalkhoffs). My wife has a 2008 step thru ProConnect. When we returned to the bikes after lunch...
  16. oriteroom

    Kalkoff Batteries -4 years on and still going strong

    My wife and I both have had Kalkoff Pro Connect's for nearly four years now and I have always recorded our distances and battery performance/ recharges. We've covered about 6,500 miles and my battery has been recharged 61 times and my wife's 55 times. I generally recharge when 3/2 lights are...
  17. oriteroom

    Anyone Understand Kalkoff ProConnect Lighting

    Hi all Sure someone will be able to answer my query re the lighting used on the Kalkoff Pro Connect. I've the diamond frame and Mrs 'O' has the step thru' both just over 2 years old. I've read before on this forum about some contact/water ingress problems on the rear lights - bared wire ends...
  18. oriteroom

    Kalkoff Battery Problem?

    Hi all I was out cycling yesterday and when I started I had 4 lights up on the Panasonic battery and still two on the handlebar control. With quite limited use (my wife and I only really use our power for bad hills or strong headwinds) the handlebar control suddenly went from two lights to a...
  19. oriteroom

    TWO Kalkoff Pro Connects for sale on ebay

    Just noted TWO Kalkoff Pro Connects for sale on ebay, one diamond frame and one step-thru'. Thought Mrs 'O' had put ours on!!! Both look in good nick - starting at £600 - seller has no feedback score. Altho' doesn't say so, expect they've both got chargers! Kalkoff Pro Connect Electric bike...
  20. oriteroom

    Pro Connect Panasonic Battery - Have I got a problem?

    Hi all Have I got a problem starting with the Panasonic battery on my Kalkoff Pro Connect or did it just go into hibernation because of the cooler nights? This morning when I went to get my Pro Connect out, no lights would light up either on the battery or on the handlebar control switch...