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    Grown a Moustache!

    Hi all, made a purchase a couple of days ago, taking advantage of dealer offers on 2019 ebikes as they make way for next year's new stock. The Moustache Samedi Xroad, slightly different from my normal choice in that it's a do anything bike but more Mtb orientated in its frame design. Have only...
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    Battery reconditioning cost?

    Anyone know the approximate cost of replacing cells in a Yamaha battery for a Haibike? Either 400 or 500 watt/hour, would prefer not to do it myself but understand there are companies that carry out this sort of work. Anyone know of one in the Midlands and what they might charge?
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    Witty replies

    Hi all, Any thoughts on a witty reply to the inevitable shouts of "hey that's cheating!" from unassisted riders? Personally I find it's best to be polite and good humoured when replying, my favourite being "cheating,s good!" Accompanied with a big smile!
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    Haibike Radius Tour

    Hi all, anyone know of any shop selling the Haibike Radius Tour? Can't seem to locate one anywhere to take a look at.
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    Haibike for sale

    Selling my Haibike Sduro Trekking 5.0, bought new in August 2017 from 50 cycles. Yamaha PW motor and 500 watt hour battery. Covered approx 1500 trouble free miles, have reviewed the bike in the forum,s bike review section under 'Switched to Haibike'. Asking £1800 ono.
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    Haibike Radius Tour?

    Hi all, am thinking about adding a compact ebike to my collection, has anyone any experience of the Haibike Radius Tour? Already have a Trekking model with the same Yamaha PW motor and battery so might make sense. Would like to do some light trails on it but it doesn't have front suspension like...
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    Allbatteries spare battery problem

    Hi all, advice needed, purchased a 468w/hr battery from Allbatteries as an additional battery for my Haibike SduroTrekking Trekking with Yamaha PW motor. Bought it in January, but has had little use up to now, used it and drained it fully, recharged it again but caught dreaded flu bug, so was a...
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    Anti theft devices

    What do we use to protect our pride and joy from being knicked? I was amazed to see on YouTube just how easy it is for thieves to cut certain kinds of bike lock. So, depending on where I leave my ebike I use one or all three of the following; à Halfords reinforced cable lock, an Oxford Hardcore...
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    Ebikes on Kerrera

    The two ebikes on the Isle of Kerrera, near Oban, Scotland. No real roads, just tracks on this small island. A lovely traffic free day meandering on the Kalkhoff and Giant, lunch at this cottage in the middle of nowhere. Perfect!
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    Amdro Boot Jump

    Hi all you campers, the Amdro Boot Jump, see full info and reviews on you tube, a great little camping pod set up that fits neatly behind the back seats of a Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner or similar sized van type vehicle. It converts into a very comfortable double bed, or bench seats with...
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    Battery hire?

    Hows about individual dealers offering a battery hire service for their customers for when they wish to complete longer distance tours? A reasonable refundable deposit and daily hire could be charged and a battery prebooked in advance. Those dealers with multiple sites could offer a variety of...
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    Top cafe or pub stops

    Favourite watering holes recommended? Can anyone feature good value for money refreshment stops for cyclists? Criteria being good friendly service, great location, good food and drink. To get the ball rolling_ ... The Old Bakery at Newborough fantastic home baked cakes and scones, great coffee...
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    Transporting ebikes when towing a caravan

    Hi all,. Hope I have the right area of the forum to discuss taking the ebikes away with us on caravan holidays. We have a 2013 Swift Ace Ambassador caravan and would like to know if any other ebike owners know of any bike carriers that can fit to either van or car that can take the weight of...
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    Switched to Haibike SduroTrekking

    Well here we go, my third ebike starting with a Giant, then Kalkhoff, and now onto a Haibike SduroTrekking 5.0. I've always liked the look of the Haibike but previously was swayed by the longer range of the Kalkhoff Integrale. But the latest test ride on the Haibike was convincing in that it...
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    Who would it be?

    If you had the choice who would you most like to spend a day out in the saddle with? Sporting hero maybe, actor, comedian or anyone famous, still with us or not, who is an inspiration and good company?
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    Room 101

    What irritations would you put into Room 101?
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    Tribute to Beryl

    Went to see a play about Beryl Burton at the New Vic theatre in Hanley, Stoke recently. Really good acting, funny and entertaining, and wow what an athlete, pity she wasn't celebrated and recognised enough while she was alive. Anyone else get to see it? Can recommend it if not. Is anyone going...
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    Switched to kalkhoff

    Dropped by 50 cycles yesterday and ordered the kalkhoff integrale 10 xt 2016 model. Impressed with the quality and comfort, and the quiet Impulse Evo RS motor. Picking it up midweek, will keep updated posts on how it goes!
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    Giant quick e

    Hi all, am riding a giant dirt e 2 MTB at moment which is a Yamaha motor with 400w/h battery, also have a spare battery to extend range when needed. However tend to ride more on road and light trails so am considering switching to the Giant quick e , can any owners of this model recommend it...
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    New lad on the eblock!

    Hi all, just picked up first ebike today, after spending many hours looking at different websites, forums and you tube clips. Soon to be 59 years old, cycling for good few years done time trialling and long distance in the past is audax and sportive, general touring etc. Retired for a couple of...