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  1. Adamski

    Voodoo E Bizango

    I have had this bike for a year now and am still as impressed as before...a real rarity for me! I have become less mobile recently, a couple of mini strokes will do that, and can no longer drive, so the Voodoo gets used quite a lot. It has stayed in one piece, nothing has broken or fallen off...
  2. Adamski

    Lidl e-Scooter

    I bought one. I have just got in with a flat battery and a big smile! 16mph even uphill! That 350w motor is stunning compared to a 250, lots of punch!! The brakes are great too...mor tomorrow when I have tried it some more!
  3. Adamski

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    You may be surprised at the level of support you have/haven’t from the same saddle in slightly different positions Spend time getting it positioned really well, and you will Be rewarded with pain free rides! I too have a very bony ass, so went through the same process, it was a road biker that...
  4. Adamski

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    I need to update this! I had been feeling strange(r than normal) recently, and started going blind in one eye, with very blurred vision in other! Being a man, I ignored it and assumed it would go away, it didn’t, and a massive headache joined in too, so I went to the doctors. Rather than give...
  5. Adamski

    Now I'm officially a full time "ebiker"

    I had to stop riding my motorcycle, after 30+ years, I thought it would be hard. I am amazed to say that my ebike replaced them in my heart almost immediately! I can now go on all of the green lanes that ice bikes are now banned from, silently, and almost as fast if I want! We love getting out...
  6. Adamski

    Voodoo E Bizango

    I need a very cheap one next...well two, to leave at our other place!
  7. Adamski

    Voodoo E Bizango

    I bought this just second hand, I was thinking about a simple rear hub bike, but had heard how much better the Bosch crank drive were, and was wondering if I should just save up a little longer. There it was, on eBay, just under half price too!! Off I went to fetch it, into deepest Birmingham...
  8. Adamski

    Could anyone tell me about this hub?

    Nothing...I am taking it all apart tomorrow. Thanks!
  9. Adamski

    Could anyone tell me about this hub?

    I bought a folding bike today, with this as the rear wheel hub, could anyone tell me which battery it should have?
  10. Adamski

    Sub £1000 full throttle bike for someone with ME (chronic fatigue)

    I have chronic fatigue as part of my EDS, my Voodoo Bazinga on turbo mode just needs you to twirl the pedals...great fun, and not tiring!
  11. Adamski

    First time conversion of a Decathlon mountain bike, could you help?

    72 kg, as far as possible, but 40 miles, it’s on an Alp, so a teeny bit steep in parts
  12. Adamski

    First time conversion of a Decathlon mountain bike, could you help?

    As the title, I am about to convert a mountain bike (dual suspension) and wondered which of the cheaper kits would be best? It is going to live in our flat in Italy, so it will need to drag my big fat ass up some fairly steep hills, and will be used on road too. Many thanks!
  13. Adamski

    Voodoo Bizango help

    Update on the Bazinga! I am officially in love with this bike! I was riding some single track in the woods last week, in EMTB mode and blasting along between 10 and 20 mph, it took everything I could throw at it, roots, muddy hills, even an unexpected drop off! It soaks up everything I can...
  14. Adamski

    Living with my Super Supercharger

    I love this....100 miles you say?!?
  15. Adamski

    Attitudes of non-ebikers

    Without my e-bike, I would have no bike! I have a rather unpleasant disability that means I tend to fall apart if I apply too much pressure to a joint, riding my normo bikes involved dislocated hips, knees and even shoulders! It is wonderful to be able to have a gentle trail ride again...let...
  16. Adamski

    Putting e-bike on Thule bike rack

    I have the Saris Bones rack, will it be safe to carry two bikes on this?
  17. Adamski

    Advice for disabled rider on steep climbs - realistic?

    I have cardiac and joint problems, my CX Bosche powered bike has been really fantastic. Getting the hang of gears/modes/cadence has been interesting, but it seems I can get up most things without risking a meltdown in some part of my body