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  1. Adamski

    Voodoo E Bizango

    I bought this just second hand, I was thinking about a simple rear hub bike, but had heard how much better the Bosch crank drive were, and was wondering if I should just save up a little longer. There it was, on eBay, just under half price too!! Off I went to fetch it, into deepest Birmingham...
  2. Adamski

    First time conversion of a Decathlon mountain bike, could you help?

    As the title, I am about to convert a mountain bike (dual suspension) and wondered which of the cheaper kits would be best? It is going to live in our flat in Italy, so it will need to drag my big fat ass up some fairly steep hills, and will be used on road too. Many thanks!
  3. Adamski

    Decathlon 9.2 and 6.2 conversion questions

    I have these two bikes, one is mine, one my wife’s, and I would like to convert them to leave at our flat in Italy, dual suspension would be REALLY useful out there!i was going to sell them and purchase something ready built, but they are apparently worth nothing, so I may as well convert them...