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  1. stevenatleven

    P settings info reqd

    My latest build is a Bafang BPM 48v 500w front hub motor. Its working fine and i really like it. The specs for the motor say Magnet Poles 16, so times 5 I set P1 to 80, the speed detection signal says 6 so I set P2 to that. However it doesn't show any speed at that setting, it shows the true...
  2. stevenatleven

    Right to repair law & Bosch motors

    Wondering if the new law which I believe will come into force this summer will effect the repair of Bosch motors ?? any thoughts
  3. stevenatleven

    For Sale Oxygen E Mate City For Sale

    Selling my Oxygen E Mate city, its 5 years old and has done about 7000 miles, I say about because the C100 lcd stopped showing miles a couple of years ago and sticks around 4100 miles, the other functions work ok. The bike has two batteries one the original 15.5Ah from oxygen which is still good...
  4. stevenatleven

    For Sale 26" Bafang hub motor fs

    For sale, 1 swx02 36v 350w hub motor built into a 26 inch rim. This motor is code 8, 398 rpm and it is very fast. I ordered a wheel on AliExpress and in the picture it was code 12 which is fine for the hilly terrain where I live. When this came I fitted it and was dissapointed as it's a poor...
  5. stevenatleven

    Dapu motor info reqd

    I am trying to get my KT controller to work with my 250w Dapu M155 hub motor. Some of the wiring on my original Ananda controller melted so I thought I would get a new controller and lcd and increase the Amps from 15 max to 20 and see if that would increase the performance a little as well. It...
  6. stevenatleven

    What motor have I got ?

    I have been upgrading my Oxygen to a swx02 350w motor and a slightly more powerful 20A controller. So got it all finished on Friday and think I maybe have gotten the wrong motor as it doesn't climb any better than my 250w Dapu. So from the photos I ordered a code 12 swx02 but as you can see in...
  7. stevenatleven

    Controller/LCD recommendation

    I wanted to spice up my 5 year old Oxygen E mate so i bought a new 350w hub motor. I bought a Bafang SWX02 (although the motor when it arrived is stamped FM CO20 350D 12 ) I switched the wheels over and the bike works fine but no speed readings, its probably a lcd/controller compatibility issue...
  8. stevenatleven

    Wanted D5 type Battery or case

    Does anyone have a battery like this for sale. Condition is not important as I could get it recelled. Or do you know who has them for sale. I have tried a couple of places in Germany without any luck.
  9. stevenatleven

    Wanted Oxygen E Mate City wanted

    Hello Anyone got a Oxygen E Mate city for sale, I am in Scotland near Edinburgh so must be willing to box it up for posting. Could travel to Northern England and Scotland for pick up though. would prefer a working example but open to anything you might have.
  10. stevenatleven

    Spoke advice

    Where do you get e bike wheel spokes. Broke one on my rear wheel a couple of weeks ago and can only find sets of 36/40, but I only want a 2 or 3 ? spokes are 12g 2.6mm dia and 200mm long.
  11. stevenatleven

    Joining batteries together ?

    My Oxygen e mate has a 15Ah battery which sits vertical alongside the seat tube. At the bottom it engages with 2 prongs to connect to the controller housed in a little compartment below it.It is charged by a XLR 3 pin socket at the top. I also have another bike with a 13Ah battery which is rear...
  12. stevenatleven

    Low speed hub ?

    Hi I have done about 4000 miles in the last 18 months, mainly hilly touring and hilly day rides on my 2 e bikes. One has a Dapu 250w motor and the other an Oxydrive 350w motor. Range is fine on both bikes if I keep the power assist low but i usually end up climbing hills at 6/7 mph.The motors...
  13. stevenatleven

    My new mountain e bike

    I bought this Carrera Kraken at a recent Halford's sale and fitted a Oxydrive CST kit. Fitting the kit was,nt to difficult. The wheel accepted the disc and cassette well and with a little shimming fits well. The chainset that came with the bike (a Suntour) did,nt leave enough room for the pas...
  14. stevenatleven

    Scott e Aspect for sale

    Saw this on a motorbike forum and thought it might interest someone. It is unfortunately too far away for me
  15. stevenatleven

    Donor bike advice reqd

    Building up a e mtb based around an Oxydrive CST HT kit. (27.5 350w) I have an Oxygen E mate for the road but would like something to get into the hills on land rover tracks with perhaps a bit of easy singletrack but nothing that would would be graded any more than green in a mountain bike area...
  16. stevenatleven

    Sales volumes

    I was out for a run in the central highlands of Scotland today. I visited a bike shop in a small town between Perth and Stirling. The bike shop has a café and sells some e bikes so I like to have a coffee there and look at his electric bikes. Anyway I was asking about a Haibike he had in stock...
  17. stevenatleven

    Help required with power loss problem

    Need a bit of help with drop in power problem. My Oxygen e mate city shows all bars of a full battery but within a few hundred yards of starting off the bars go to 1/0 and power is lost. The battery had been fully charged and indicates that. There are no error codes and the motor works on...
  18. stevenatleven

    Oxygen E mate City - one month on

    I have had my Oxygen E mate city just over a month now and have over 500 miles on it so it seems like a nice time to post a first review.I like the bike a lot, it is well finished and feels sturdy. The long wheel base seems to suit my frame and I find it very comfortable to cycle. Claimed range...
  19. stevenatleven

    Climbing and overheating

    I wanted some sensible advice about overheating the motor when my speed drops on long climbs. Where i live is quite hilly and to get out of town i have to tackle moderate hills with average gradients of 5% to 10%. they are mostly 1 to 2 miles in length and my speed is about 9/10 mph. the motor...
  20. stevenatleven

    Am i being unreasonable

    I bought a Oxygen E mate city last week because I liked the spec and the price deal won me over. i have done 2 rides on the bike totaling about 60 miles. the bike rides fine and i am very pleased with it. it is comfortable and the battery claims look like they are pretty accurate given i am a...