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  1. Andy88

    Wow Factor BPM Rear Hub Demo

    Albeit the 500w version this video coupled with d8veh's comments, based on my needs nails it for me on the rear hub. Woosh is the G06 going to do the same job? You better get your spanners ready lol. BPM REAR DRIVE Down the Promenade.
  2. Andy88

    Assembly Tools for Bike

    Hope I've posted this in the right section excuse me if I haven't. I've bought a bike in a box and need to assemble it, it's a standard bike but I'm going to put a front motor on it when the motor arrives after Xmas. I have a limited tool set Spanners Wrench Pliers Screwdriver I believe I...
  3. Andy88

    Chinese Mid-Drive Crank Motors

    I did a bit of digging this morning on the availability of Max Drive bikes available in China and there are a ton of them in the offing as well as a Mid Drive I have never heard of called BIWU. Anyway here is a sample. MAX DRIVE CRANK BIKE BIWU CRANK DRIVE There is quite a significant...
  4. Andy88

    ebike theft and precautionary measures

    I read a snippet from d8veh, which prompted me to post this, d8veh quote "If parking in public place while at work it won't last two weeks" Is ebike/bike theft that rampant in the UK? For short shopping trips are there no secure areas where the bike can be securely double locked and...
  5. Andy88

    Stealth over Speed & Mid-Drive Hub

    I found this absolutely fascinating... You can read the entire article from here.
  6. Andy88

    when does it not become an ebike

    Interesting article on ebike legality, albeit based around US law the same principals apply. The article is quite current, courtesy of electricbikedotcom
  7. Andy88

    Thru Axle or Quick Release and Brake Types for Front Hub Drives

    Lots of info on standard bikes but not much on ebikes. Would love hear opinions from manufacturers, dealers and riders of Front Motor Wheel Hub ebikes. Pros and Cons & Best Choice for… 1.Thru Axle vs Quick Release 2. Rim, V, Disk, Hydraulic Brakes 3. Dealing with a puncture FRONT E HUBS ONLY
  8. Andy88

    Wireless Gear Shift and Brakes on eBikes?

    Stumbled upon this very recent video would certainly ease the wire/cable running burden on a conversion if feasible. Im not bothered about cost. SRAMRED wireless system, do any ebikes have this set-up or in the planning? Bike converters is this something that could be achieved using the...
  9. Andy88

    Dual Motor eBike - Throttle option Bosch, Yamaha can?

    Picture of dual hub set up back and front wheel. So my question is on a mid-drive BOSCH, Yamaha or Shimano Steps, could a hub motor be fitted to the front wheel with a throttle, if so how would battery and controller work?
  10. Andy88

    Crank Drive Motor Clunking Noise

    Watching videos of bikes using throttles going uphill with crank drive, why am I hearing multiple clunks and clicks, whereas a the hub bike on the same hill is pretty smooth and quiet. Listen at about three quarters into this short video.
  11. Andy88

    Dealing with water and cables

    Am I right in thinking that the most vulnerable electrical point of an ebike is the controller? And the biggest natural enemy to electrical parts is water? Look at these two wheels The first cable looks neater following the line of the forks. The second U shape more practical in...
  12. Andy88

    Info 250w bike on the throttle only sample

    I hope I've posted this in the right section, the short video helped me see exactly how much pulling power a 250w front hub motor has. The rider is 120 KG. Enjoy hope it helps potential buyers.
  13. Andy88

    Good Conversion?

    Saw this on youtube its a Spanish motor kit called ciclotek How standard is this? The makeshift mudguard under the bike The Exposed wires The U shaped cable to the motor to prevent water entering the hub? See the blue bike wheel cable
  14. Andy88

    ebike travel

    Going to sound strange this but being out of the UK so long I've lost touch. Q. When travelling long distance to events how easy is it to take your bike (not foldup) on the train, bus or coach? What's the procedure?
  15. Andy88

    BBS01 or BPM or SWXK2

    IGH bike SRAM Automatix 2 or SRam 3 speed. Momentum Model T using the SWXK2 on the front wheel and Automatix on the back but I need a throttle and a bit more power if possible. Thinking either a Raleigh Strada 4 with automatix 2 or Marin Fairfax SC2 with 3 speed hub. Will the BBS01 and...
  16. Andy88

    Puncture Repair Philippine Style

    Culprit and the Cure
  17. Andy88

    Hub Motor Kit Outlet

    Hi does anyone know where I can buy 36V 250w 8-Fun CST Motor for front wheel drive?
  18. Andy88

    ebike snobbery

    During my quest to locate a bike shop to do an electric conversion, whilst some were accommodating others were belligerent and almost how dare you think we would undertake that attitude? Has anyone else experienced this poor attitude from traditional bike shops?
  19. Andy88

    Wisper Bike

    Anybody on here heard of the Wisper 706 Alpine? Looked on Amps site can't find anything
  20. Andy88

    Best Rear Hub Drive

    Heard mixed reports on Cyclotricity on the web but see they are based in the UK. Anyone with experience using their hub motors? How do they stack up against Bafang, Woosh, eZee etc?