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    Specialized turbo creo

    Hi all, has anybody ridden or have any knowledge on the above bike and how they ride?
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    Evans Pinnacle Mercury E-Bike

    Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the new Pinnacle e-bike from Evans powered by a Bafang hub motor?
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    For Sale Carrera Crossfuse

    Amoto65 submitted a new listing: Carrera Crossfuse - Carrera Crossfuse Learn more about this listing...
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    For Sale Carrera Crossfuse Ebike

    Amoto65 submitted a new listing: Carrera Crossfuse Ebike - Carrera Crossfuse Ebike Learn more about this listing...
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    700c Wheels to 26" Wheels

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone had converted 700c wheels on a ebike to 26" wheels ? Would it have an effect on the speedo and output on a Bosch Activeline Plus Motor bearing in mind the magnet would still be in the same place as regarding the sensor? Cheers Steve.
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    Wisper After Sales Service.

    Once again Wisper have provided great service after the battery for my 905se developed a fault with the battery capacity indicator not working and it cutting out. The battery was sent back, problem rectified and returned in less than 2 weeks. I don't subscribe to Fakebook or any other social...
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    Amoto65 submitted a new listing: JUICY SPORT CLICK ELECTRIC BIKE - JUICY SPORT CLICK ELECTRIC BIKE Learn more about this listing...
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    Amoto65 submitted a new listing: JUICY CURVY SPORT CLICK - JUICY CURVY SPORT CLICK Learn more about this listing...
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    Police on E-Bikes

    Spotted half a dozen police out riding e-bikes in Macclesfield yesterday presumably on a training exercise, not sure what bikes they were but the look on their faces was a picture everyone of them had a massive smile....
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    For Sale Viking Folding E-Bike

    Hi folks I have a Viking Ego 24V Folding E-Bike for sale, Bike is in good condition, It has recently had new tyres, new chain, new rear gear cassette and crank arms and chainwheel everything works fine apart from the battery charger connector which needs a bit of fiddling for it to charge, it...
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    Wisper or Crossfuse which should I keep?

    I bought a Wisper 905se 18 months ago did 1500 miles and have loved it, ultra reliable and easy to maintain, about a month ago I bought a Carrera Crossfuse and have done 100 miles on it, I was very impressed with the Bosch Activeline plus motor and the quality of the bike. Now comes the dilemma...
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    For Sale Wisper 905se

    For sale my Wisper 905se , I have had this bike for about 18 months and done just under 1500 miles, I bought the bike new from Swinnertons in Stoke, it is in very good condition and has always been kept indoors and it has been super reliable throughout. I have changed the chainring for a 42t...
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    Second hand values?

    Hi folks could somebody post a link to the formula for the values of secondhand e-bikes I think it was Flecc who originally posted (thinking of selling the Wisper) Cheers Steve W......
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    So who bought a Carrera Crossfuse last week?

    Seeing as Halfords were selling them at a discounted price last week I was wondering how many people took the plunge and what were their thoughts on it? I confess I could not resist and went and got one but so far have not been out due to the snow and a bad cold, so have not been able to compare...
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    Just thought I would drop a quick post as in this modern world everyone is quick to criticize standards of service. I ordered a Wisper 905 crankset on Friday at 1600 hours and it arrived in Macclesfield Saturday at 1100 hours. Can't fault that. Well done folks at Wisper. Steve....
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    Viking EGO ( A Bit of a Gamble)

    Hi folks, having got the E- Bike bug about 18 months ago when i bought a Wisper 905se I saw a ratty Viking EGO for sale locally today so decided to take a gamble and bought it untested and totally filthy. The owner assured me it worked but had been well used and abused so agreeing on a cheapish...
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    Wisper 905se Nearly a Year and a 1000miles Review.

    Hi folks, Thought i would do a short(ish) review on my last 11 months riding the Wisper 905se around the Peak District. The bike was purchased from Swinnerton Cycles last September, very helpful and no problems, I found the build quality very good and ancillaries up to the job ( worth noting...
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    Wisper 905se Forks

    Hi folks, having owned my 905se for 10 months now i have come to the conclusion i need some suspension forks, due to the state of the roads in Cheshire and my weary old bones. Will i need a specific type of forks for an ebike due to weight? (the bikes not mine) Suggestions please. Cheers Steve.
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    Changing Chainring on Wisper 905se

    Hi folks i am looking at changing the chainring on a Wisper 905se which is 52 to a smaller size (due to the size of the hills around here) has anyone done similar or have any advise? it seems to be a riveted chainring so i will have to remove the crank arm, but does anyone know if the pas magnet...
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    Anyone know when AMPS (wisper) reopen?

    Hi folks, does anybody know when Amps reopen after the Xmas break please as after a few bits, Cheers Steve W..