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    First look at the new Woosh 26 x 4 Rio

    Woosh's first attempt to get into fat bikes. The Rio has Bafang fat motor, 13AH or 15AH Samsung celled battery, 14G black spokes, 8-speed, 26" x 4" fat tyres and should sell for about £999 with 13AH battery. Usual all weather riding stuff, lights, bell, mudguards, rack. Please let me know what...
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    Introducing the new Woosh Bermuda

    This is the second bike I helped in developing after the Karoo. It's currently at sea, on its way to Woosh. The original Woosh Sirocco (still selling) is going to be superseeded by this new one. I have upgraded most components to reflect the needs of medium and long distance commuting while...
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    new 6000mAH cell from GEB

    New prismatic cell from General Batteries packs 25% more charge. Model:8043125 - 6000mAH Dimension: 8.0*43*125mm Weight: 83±1 g Max discharge current: 1C Expect to see cheap 36V 18AH rear rack batteries for the weight and price of 15AH batteries soon.
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    XOFO (Suzhou XiongFeng) MMS and MMT crank motors

    New from XOFO: Specifications and prices that are going to give 8-Fun some serious competition. Built in controller, supplied LCD, throttle, brake sensors, cables, same fitting as BBS01. Two versions: MMS: crank drive with speed sensor (normal PAS) - price about $275 MMT: crank drive with...
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    Banbury Frank - deregistered?

    Just come across this: banbury frank De-registered, from Banbury banbury frank was last seen: Wednesday at 12:14 PM does it mean he won't be able to post?
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    how likely can minihub crack like this

    spotted this thread on another forum: • View topic - Cracked Mini-geared hub motor - Cautionary tale the crack seems to have started by a spoke. I wonder if anyone has seen this kind of problem before.
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    Royal Mail - good buy?

    Reading the propectus, RM yields about 4.7% over the last 3 years. It has a unique position, not far off from other untilities. But there is not much time left for due diligence before applying. Still not sure if it's a good buy or not. What do you think?
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    Terrifying near miss at level crossing

    Less than one second later a train thundered past just inches from her front wheel in one of the closest near-misses police have seen Watch video: Video: Cyclist near miss with train on level crossing in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire captured on CCTV - Mirror Online
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    Has anyone registered an electric L7e vehicle?

    looking to import an L7e e-car before winter comes. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. TIA.
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    China Syndrome About 430,000 tons of contaminated water, or enough to fill 170 Olympic-size pools, are stored in rows of tanks at the plant, which appears to be running out of open space to put...
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    electrolyte one arm bandit - the future of e-bikes?

    Just spotted this bike from Eurobike 2013 PDF catalog: What do you think?
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    Lithium Polysulfidophosphates - solid state battery

    From I think this may be the revolutionary battery technology we have been waiting for - Page 2 - JREF Forum The amazing ionic conductivity of PSP makes possible elimination of liquid electrolyte, resulting in thinner, lighter cells and better gravimetric energy density. The researchers reckon...
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    considering a gearless hub kit

    Hi everyone, Hub kits like the Bafang CST or BPM seem like the way to go but I thought there are a few disadvantages with geared hub motors: 1. wear and tear of the clutch and gearbox. 2. motor torque and efficiency drop after 10mph, this is where wind resistance becomes significant. 3...
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    electric bike hire anyone?

    Would it be useful to have a list of e-bike rentals on this forum? Just a thought, looking out from my office window.
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    Bafang SWXK-5

    for my little project, where can I find the Power out versus RPM of the Bafang SWXK-5? thank you for your help.
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    How good is the guarantee from main manufacturers

    Yesterday, my friend had a little accident while riding down some contry tracks. The rear wheel of his bike somehow got completely wonky although the rim seems to be OK still. He is worried that the mail order company he bought from will refuse to fix the bike under guarantee. What should he...
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    Bofelli crank shaft motor: challenge to Bosch drive system or waste of time?

    I am puzzed by this: • View topic - 24V Bottom bracket motor from Chuan-Xin Tech, Taiwan
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    Do you want to pay for support?

    pay peanuts gets monkeys. Is it still true when you have broadband internet?
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    How fast is your bike?

    They all say 15 mph but really, can you go this fast?
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    How light is your bike?

    Does weight matter when most of the time you only sit on it?