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  1. Dewey

    Bafang BBS01 conversion

    I wrote a blog post on my experience converting a pedal bike with an IGH using a 36v 250w BBS01 The threads on UK Pedelecs helped me decide to go with the BBS01a back in 2016 when I bought the kit, it’s not as...
  2. Dewey

    FT article about bike shop margins and Cycle to Work scheme I thought Robert Wright’s article was good, describing how the mandated 15% service fee eats into bike shops 30% margin, particularly affecting retailers of ebikes and cargo bikes. Due for reform?
  3. Dewey

    NSFW German ebike marketing video

    The Corratec LifeS is a new cruiser styled ebike from a German company, there are two marketing videos to launch the product: NSFW Eurotrash version Normal version Preference?
  4. Dewey

    Question about Walk Assist on Shimano Steps

    Gazelle are kindly loaning me one of their ebikes to test ride for a month, here in the US it is branded EasyFlow but in the UK/EU it is the Gazelle Ami C8 HMS. It has a Shimano Steps E6000 motor but no throttle. I am a utility cyclist and intend to tow a trailer and go shopping. On my own ebike...
  5. Dewey

    US 2017 National Electric Bike Owner Survey published

    Carried out by the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University. Lots of interesting data!
  6. Dewey

    Uber buys the JUMP dockless ebikeshare company

    Big news from this side of the pond. Following small trials in Washington, DC, and San Fransisco, CA, Uber bought the JUMP ebikeshare company. The Washington Post reports that because of JUMP's participation in the DC dockless bikeshare trial, the DC city government is now going to look at...
  7. Dewey

    Study demonstrating health benefits of pedelecs

    Peterman, J., Morris, K., Kram, R., & Byrnes, W. (2016). Pedelecs as a physically active transportation mode. European Journal Of Applied Physiology, 116(8), 1565-1573. doi: 10.1007/s00421-016-3408-9 A write up about the study, carried out at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is on their...
  8. Dewey

    Hello from Northern Virginia, BBS01 250W commuter

    Hello, I needed some help getting up hill after work. Uninterested in speed or throttle, only hill climbing ability on pedal assist and compatible with US Markel ebike insurance requirements (<750W, <20mph) so I chose a DIY kit I could speed limit to 15mph and haven't fitted the throttle. Donor...
  9. Dewey

    Chain guard recommendations?

    Hi, this is my first post here, I am fitting a BBS01 kit to a 1995 Dawes hybrid with a 42t lekkie chain ring, but in the process I lose the ability to mount the kit-supplied plastic chain guard and am thinking about a replacement. I assume I can't use a bottom bracket mounted chain guard because...