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  1. The Bear

    Rear derailleur adjustment?

    Any suggestions for my rear derailleur problem pease? My Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur on my Cube Reaction Race bike got twisted so I've fitted an identical replacement. Problem is, I can't get it adjusted correctly. I can change up into each gear fine, but can't get it onto the largest...
  2. The Bear

    Bosch battery key replacement

    Anyone know how easy/difficult it is to obtain a replacement key for removing the bosch battery from my Cube Race ebike? The bike repair shop may have lost it whilst my bike was in for repair, but they state I didn't leave the key with them, though I believe I did, but can't prove it. So I may...
  3. The Bear

    2018 Bosch software version?

    Anyone know what software version my 2018 Cube ebike would have had installed when I purchased it at end of 2017? Whilst my bike is in the local bike shop for repair, they have mistakenly performed a software update, and I want it reverting back to original. Just wondering what version it...
  4. The Bear

    Badass dongle with latest Bosch update?

    I have a 2018 Cube ebike with Bosch motor and I use a Badass dongle (version 3.4??). Whilst my bike is in the lbs they have updated the software as forgot to ask them not to. They have offered to revert it back for me. Does anyone know if my Badass will still work with the latest update, or will...
  5. The Bear

    Bosch speed sensor cable routing?

    Does anyone know if the Bosch speed sensor cable on my Cube Race 500 routes along the bottom of the seat post tube? In other words, if you were to remove the seat & post and shove a stick down there, would it come into contact with the cable? The reason I ask is my speed sensor cable has...
  6. The Bear

    Bosch high battery temperature?

    My 2018 Cube Reaction Race is at the lbs for fault diagnostics, and they report that it has had 115 battery charges and the battery has reached its highest temperature of 44 degrees which is unusually high. They suggested that it must have been left out in the sun, which it hasn't as its never...
  7. The Bear

    Bosch 503 Error

    Any suggestions for this please? Got the '503 ERROR' come up on my Purion display today. Bike was riding fine but then when freewheeling downhill I noticed the speedo said zero mph. I stopped and turned the display off/on and same thing again. Set off riding and could feel that the motor wasn't...
  8. The Bear

    Cassette fitting lube?

    I'm having a go at replacing my cassette, and have just taken the old one off ready for when the new one arrives. Is it advisable to apply any kind of lube over where the new cassette slides onto. or best left dry?
  9. The Bear

    Shimano XT rear mech snapped

    Snapped my rear mech today. Looks like a link broke in the chain and dragged the rear mech around my cassette. Sounded horrible. Looking at the spec of my Cube Reaction Race it says its fitted with a Shimano XT RD-M8000-DGS ShadowPlus 11 speed rear derailleur Searching online for a...
  10. The Bear

    KMC chain differences?

    Anyone know the differences between the KMC chains please? I'm looking for an 11 speed chain, but there seem to be a few different KMC chains to choose from, with price differences.. KMC X11SL £47 KMC X11EL £29 KMC X11GY £25 KMC X11.93 £15 KMC E11EPT (ebikes) at £37 Whats the main...
  11. The Bear

    Chain slipping?

    I've started suffering from chain slipping since recently putting a larger front chainring on my 11 speed 2018 Cube Reaction Race. It's only when i'm in 10th & 11th gear. I went from the standard 12T chainring to a 15T to get a bit more top end speed, and fitted a new chain of the same size at...
  12. The Bear

    Schwalbe Big Apples 29er

    Thinking of getting a set of these for commuting on my Cube Reaction Race with 29" wheels, but most sellers advertise them as 28" tyres. Are they one and the same? Or do they actually do them in a 29" size as well?
  13. The Bear

    Bosch CX motor strip down

    I fond this interesting to watch...
  14. The Bear

    Lifting hoist for ebike

    Just purchased a lifting hoist for when I'm working on my ebike in my garage, as I find that my bike stand doesn't lift my ebike as high as i'd like it to, with me having to either bend down to work, or pull up a stool to sit on. I've started hanging my ebike from the garage roof but its a heavy...
  15. The Bear

    Chain wear?

    I had a new chain (Sram PC1110) fitted to my 11 speed Cube Reaction Race ebike in the middle of February, and its now showing 0.5% wear, which according to the Park Tool chain checker guide means my chain should be replaced. I ride about 200 miles per month, so in the three months since i've...
  16. The Bear

    Speed sensor broken

    My speed sensor (if thats what its called) has broken away from its mounting screw. Not sure if its been yanked off its when riding off road? Its still being held on by the screw, but not for long. You can see in these photos that the hole is now enlarged where the fixing screw goes through...
  17. The Bear

    Front fork air pressure?

    Whats the rule of thumb when setting the correct pressure in my Rox Shocks forks on my Cube Race ebike? Am I right in saying that when sat on the bike there should be about 30% travel? Ive just bought a Rock Shop High Pressure fork pump and noticed when fastening it to my fork valve the...
  18. The Bear

    Cyclist prosecuted

    I wonder if they had dongles fitted?
  19. The Bear

    Which helmet?

    Can anyone suggest a good helmet please? Im looking to buy a good quality helmet for commuting, but I want one more like a MTB helmet with protection down the back of the head, and sides. Im happy to buy a branded helmet although this might not necessarily mean its the best. Adjustable peak...
  20. The Bear

    Park Tool CM5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber

    Anyone got one of these? Im wanting to get one but the Youtube videos tell you to fit it and rotate the pedals backwards for the chain to pass through it. Obviously the chain on my Cube Race ebike doesn't go backwards so does the mechanism in this chain scrubber work if the chain goes the other...