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    Help! controller broken?

    Hi everyone im back for some more helpful information from this great community , ok so i was commuting back from work the other day on my newly built 1500w ebike i had used it 3 times prior on the same journey everything was fine, so my last one id got right near the end and went to engage the...
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    Help! Broken rear hub motor?

    Hi all I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on what happened to my ebike today……on the way back from work I was nearly home everything was fine then I stopped to look at the view then when I went to start peddling again I got violent vibration from the motor and barely any power same...
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    Front Hub Motor

    Hi i was wondering i have purchased 1000w front hub motor and im now questioning how safe its gonna be i have read a lot of different opinions some saying fine others not, my frame is all steel would like to ask any one with experience on this subject to please share some information i would be...
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    hi..was wondering if my rear hub motor would still work without the white hall sense wire its severed inside and dont really want to take the whole motor to bits any help or information would be appreciated thanks in advance :)