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  1. Zebb

    Halfords crossfire e bikes

    I've not been in the loop on these bikes, I know they had lots of issues in early days. Are they still useless unreliable.?
  2. Zebb

    Revos ebike kit

    Revos ebike kit Having had several Ebikes over the years, including a brushed motor ebike from one of the first ones available seems many years have passed. I've built and converted different ones since. But decided I really like my standard 700c hybrid i thought I'd try a Revos kit. I liked...
  3. Zebb

    Revos kit purchased

    My Revos kit arrived today, its fitted ready to test tomorrow.. Its been nailed to a Ridgeback hybrid cycle I've owned a short while, purchased second hand. The bike is really good and freewheels easy.. Nice light bike for such a kit. Its only for use on hills/headwind otherwise it will be...
  4. Zebb

    Revos kit

    Hi Does anyone have proof that the revos drive chews up tyres.? I appreciate its going to add to tyre wear, but no idea on how much in real terms. Or maybe a tyre that they have used is helping reduce such tyre wear. Looking for ebike kit that's easier to swap to other bikes and light enough...
  5. Zebb

    The Zephyr-B:

    Hello. ☺ Been looking for a bike that's foldable, road canal towpath ect. Don't expect the world out of it, but must have 26inh wheels at least. Hide those naughty pot holes. That can fit inside car ok. So came across The zephyr B by Woosh I see by search some folks have had one, I appreciate...
  6. Zebb

    leisurewheels Haibike

    Hi any feedback on this bike shop and bike would be gratefully received. Haibike sduro hardseven 1.0 Any known faults or upgrades needed.? Thank you.
  7. Zebb

    Kudos bikes

    Kudos Arriba Li-On 36v x 10.4Ah Samsung LiMn04 Kudos Mistral SAMSUNG Lithium 36V/10.4AH Thinking about getting another ebike, I not sure about the battery on the Mistral . Can anyone enlightened me on the quality of these cells. Limn04 I read they are higher v. So less cells needed. But life...
  8. Zebb

    Battery cost

    Hi Been looking at one of Franks bikes, as I've sold mine. It's the Hipowercycles New 56 volt 10 AH. But battery replacement is expensive, I am totally out of touch regarding batterys could use some advise on replacement batterys such as and when I going to need them. From what I can see two...
  9. Zebb

    Power supply

    Hi My dual output ripmax power supply isnt supplying. Its rapid fluctuation of 11.7v to 12.4 and a buzzing noise No load. Lol, is it worth getting it repaired or bin it. Thanks
  10. Zebb

    Booster battery

    Hi Just purchased 2 of these for booster battery for my kudos, as the previous 7.4v 13000mha decided to blow up. Has anyone else tried this brand. I dont expect a lot they were not that expensive. 6200mha 40c. Thanks.
  11. Zebb

    Battery help

    Hi My 36v lifepo4 on kudos is getting towards 4 years old now, is the voltage of battery an indication of deterioration. Mine after a week from full charge is sitting at 42.7v. My booster 2cell battety zippy1300 decided to give up after 15months so looking to get another, i see there is...
  12. Zebb

    Zippy 13000

    Hi My booster battery has a problem, as can be seen in photo, is it worth finding a replacement cell, if so can any body point me in the right direction, or should i just buy a new battery. Its a zippy 13000mha approx two years old i think. Thanks.
  13. Zebb

    Quick release

    Hi Looking for availability on quick release rear wheel+motor, to replace my 8fun on my kudos, don't need this yet if available just getting rid of my van so looking for ideas on getting my bike about without if any knows of equal motor I would be grateful Thanks.
  14. Zebb

    Caught on my van camera today.

    Caught this today on my onboard van camera, thought I would share it.
  15. Zebb

    Lamp-post hits cyclist

    This is in coventry paper, video shows a lorry unloading a lamp-post, it slips out of the harness and hits the bike, it clips the handle bars and his hand, the video doesnt show the impact. Another 2 or 3 foot and it would have been lights out...
  16. Zebb

    maxthon browser

    Hi The new forum is fine on google chrome, using android, but using maxthon browser its very slow and even when signed in, clicking on a link it logs you out. But does take you to the linked page. Any ideas why. Thanks
  17. Zebb

    ku65 an booster battery

    Hi I cant remember what volt battery I can add to my ku65, 36v for a booster battery, anybody know please. I have 3 cell lipo battery I can just try for a quick mile if thats not to big. Plus I have lost the link to the company that was selling the batterys and lipo chargers.Any help on that...
  18. Zebb

    Max motor for battery.

    Thinking of building more powerful bike, but not sure what max current draw 36v x 10AH LiFePO4 battery can take. Peak and constant. Was thinking I would like a 500w motor. Any help on this point please. Thanks
  19. Zebb

    Dont ignore crashed cyclists

    This report stated that those who stopped to help won a prize.!! You just never know.
  20. Zebb

    Tektro brakes

    Hi I need to replace the hydraulic pipe for the front brake on my kudos for a longer pipe they are the e sub type. Does any body know how the tube fits into the lever body, is it a screw fitting or is it push fit or maybe I cant Because its a factory fitting. I dont want damage it by forcing...