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  1. kezzer green

    Power glitch?

    Did any of the cable look like a jumper cable, a plug with another plug in, with a small loop of wire, these are often used for either electronic lock or to derestrict, voilamart for European Market so likely restricted, do you know Controller brand if kt kunteng option could be get screen to...
  2. kezzer green

    New user saying hello

    Just a wipe down with an oily rag, you be good to go, ;) Lol but really little bit oil goes long way, not a lot need doing, just and in order of likely hood of needing maintenance tyres pump to about 35 or whatever written on side, check brake pad wear adjust or replace which is very easy, new...
  3. kezzer green

    This DIY eBike Crushes Everything!

    5000w mid drive, if you get one better keep couple of cassettes ready for when they get destroyed, ;)