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    Oxydrive battery replacement

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could buy a 13ah 36v battery, that would fit this rail in the UK please? It is from an Oxydrive kit. Many thanks, G
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    Tiger Hark port cover

    Hi, the port cover on my Tigershark battery has broken. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement please? Cheers, G
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    BBSHD in the UK

    Does anyone have a BBSHD kit and and 52v battery at least 14ah for sale in the UK please?
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    Tiger Shark 52v pack

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of a 52v 14ah Tiger Shark pack in the UK please? Cheers, G
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    Email address for Unit Pack Power Germany

    Hi, Does anyone have the email for Unit Pack Power In Germany please? Live on an Island, so need to contact them direct for delivery, Many thanks, Gareth
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    BBSHD failing under load after Nylon gear replacement

    Hi, changed the Nylon gear which had failed on my BBSHD , after around 4000 miles, good innings. Had a problem, the controller turns off after a couple of revolutions, re boot the battery and controller, works for a couple of revolutions, then off again. Rebuilt the motor, checked connections...
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    Hi,changed the nylon gear in my BBSHD and battery stopped working. It's a Shark pack. Had the cells checked, all ok.Now I'll turn on, diplay comes on, one pedal revolution, it turns off. Turn the battery off an on, same thing happens. Could this be a BMS issue.Thanks in advance, G
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    E bike Battery repair

    Hi, does anyone know a good place to get my Battery fixed please in the UK?
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    BBSHD Nylon Gear changed, Battery fooked

    Pardon the French, but that sums it up. Nylon gear was fried, changed it very carefully, was like the Hurt Locker putting the Controller back on. Rode the bike for a short distance and power stopped. Minor niggle I thought. Went to work, tried to ride home, 300 yds, same thing, Charged...
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    BBSHD crank axle movement

    Hi, my BBSHD started to make a loud clicking noise and no drive. Took it apart and the freewheel pawl was a bit knackered. Put a new one in, same result. The axle assembly, round plate, the bearing, then pawl, seem to move out around half an inch toward where the chain wheel would be. Maybe a...
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    Circlip for BBSHD clutch or Freewheel

    Hi, does anyone know the type of circlip, that acts as a retainer and spring for the 3 cams on the BBSHD clutch please? Mine was a bit out of shape when I took it apart, so won't engage the gear. Many thanks in advance, G
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    Battery flap cover

    Hi does anyone know where I can get a triangular rubber flap for the on off and USB port on a Shark pack please?
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    Crank is moving side to side in BBSHD

    Hi, My BBSHD crank has started to move by side to side in the BB. The crank rotates normally, but there is definite side to side movement, resulting in a creaking noise. Thought the crank arms were a bit loose, but this was not the problem. Any information gladly received, Cheers, G
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    Rear Hub power lead repair

    Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can fix the following please? My girlfriends rear wheel came out of the dropouts when being transported. The rear axle (where the power lead enters the motor) is cracked and the power lead has been pulled out,or snapped off. Its an Oxydrive...
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    12 Magnet Speed sensor disc

    Hi folks, does anyone know where I can get a 12 magnet speed sensor disc for an Oxydrive CST kit. The one I have put on the Mrs bike is too big to grip the crank spindle, needs to be about 1cm in diameter, her bike is pretty old. Made an adapter, but it puts it out of kilter. Only need the disc...
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    Steel Rear Cassette and removal tool

    Hi Folks, can you recommend a good Steel 8 speed cassette, to replace a Sunrace one and also the tools to do this. My BBSHD has eaten the Sunrace one, resulting in a lot of chain skipping, Cheers, G
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    Some Battery protection for Off road....

    Saw this idea on an American forum somewhere, so decided to give it a try. It's an adjustable knee protector, with a convenient cooling device ( the bit where your patella would normally sit) :-) Reckon it will work to dampen vibration, stop sideways movement and protect the battery from...
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    Changing when PAS kicks in on BBSHD

    Hi folks, is it possible to increase the amount the pedal needs to turn , before the PAS kicks in. My Oxydrive kicks in after about half a pedal revolution, but the BBSHD seems to kick in much sooner, so if you wheelie up a kerb, you risk going through the window of the shop you were intending...
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    BBSHD Finished ....almost

    Hi Folks, finished my BBSHD build and was pretty straightforward, if you watch Youtube videos for at least a Month. A lot of people on here are really helpful, so thanks to JohnnyBbad, D8veh.Kinninvie,Tony from Cornwall Ebikes and anyone else that answered my dumb questions. If you need any help...
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    Hi Folks, quick question please. Has anyone bought anything from in Germany before and are they reliable? They seem to have been around a while, according to Endless sphere, Thanks in advance, Gareth