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  1. danielrlee

    KT-LCD2, KT-LCD3, KT-LCD6, KT-LCD8, KT-LCD10 replacement button assembly mounting bracket

    Hi All Do you own a KT-LCD2, KT-LCD3, KT-LCD6, KT-LCD8 or KT-LCD10 display with a broken button assembly mounting bracket? I have a small number of replacement mounts to give away, all costs covered (UK only). The repair doesn't involve any glue or adhesive and is secured using the existing...
  2. danielrlee

    Wanted WANTED – Front wheel direct drive motor mounted in 20” rim, disc brake compatible.

    danielrlee submitted a new listing: WANTED – Front wheel direct drive motor mounted in 20” rim, disc brake compatible. - WANTED – Front wheel direct drive motor mounted in 20” rim, disc brake compatible. Learn more about this listing...
  3. danielrlee

    35 London Cycling Routes with GPS eBook - NOW FREE

    One of my favourite cycling blogs 'London Cyclist' is shutting down. As a kind gesture to the community, the owner has made their eBook, '35 London Cycling Routes with GPS' free (previously £9.95). Definitely worth a look if you enjoy a leisurely ride through our capital...
  4. danielrlee

    F/S: £22+postage - 2 Button Digital Aux Input & 3 Position Auxiliary Input Switch for Cycle Analyst V3.1

    Hey folks. I've made a small batch of combination 2 button digital aux input & 3 position auxiliary input switches for Cycle Analyst V3.1. Please note that this switch requires that the Cycle Analyst is running firmware version 3.1 or above. If anyone is interested, they are available for...
  5. danielrlee

    New TfL scheme aims to encourage Londoners to use e-bikes
  6. danielrlee

    Why Isn't Cycling Normal in London?

    Part 2 to come....
  7. danielrlee

    The end of BionX? - An interesting post on ES by Justin Lemire-Elmore

    Some of you might be interested in the following post about BionX on Endless Sphere by Justin Lemire-Elmore, both the owner of the forum and one of my favourite vendors, Grin Technologies (
  8. danielrlee

    FOR SALE: 3pcs Eltek Flatpack2 HE 48V 3000W Power Supplies (1st gen w/ silver fascia)

    FOR SALE: 3pcs Eltek Flatpack2 HE 48V 3000W Power Supplies (1st gen w/ silver fascia) I have three Flatpack2 HE 3000W power supplies in almost new condition. They were originally purchased for use in redundant servers and other than a power-up test every six months, they have never been used...
  9. danielrlee

    Air suspension fork recommendations

    I'm looking to replace a siezed coil spring fork on my h/t MTB and fancy a decent upgrade. My knowledge on suspension forks is pretty limited though. Are there any bargains to look out for? My requirements are: 26" wheel Straight 1 1/8 inch steerer Air sprung Lock out (not remote) Around 120mm...
  10. danielrlee

    Comparing lights

    A topic of discussion that crops up regularly is that of lights. There is such a bewildering variety available and new lights seem to appear on the market weekly. Now, we all know that manufacturers/retailers claims of lighting power varies from truthful to outright deceitful, so unless you have...
  11. danielrlee

    Trying to source a wide wheel rim.

    I'm currently running a 559x62 (26”) tyre on an 18mm wheel rim and the result is less than perfect. As you can probably guess, the tyre can get pretty squirmy and high speed cornering is a little hair-raising. I'm after a wide front wheel (fully built wheel if possible) built on something like...
  12. danielrlee

    The Wiltshire White Horse Challenge

    Most of you are probably aware of the existence of white chalk horses, cut into the landscape that are scattered around Britain. There are currently 16 still visible, of which eight are situated in Wiltshire. I estimate that a circular route visiting...
  13. danielrlee

    Upgrades, modifications & changes you should have made sooner.

    Procrastination is a b**ch. Many a time I have put off doing something, only to regret not having done it sooner. A few examples are: Fitting mudguards - Because a mouth full of mud and a s**tty looking streak up your back is not cool. Fitting a pannier rack - Losing the rucksack and no...
  14. danielrlee

    Strange disc brake phenomenon

    I've experienced a strange behaviour from a set of Tektro Auriga Comp hydros since I acquired the bike they came with about 18 months ago. The bike in question also features regenerative braking via a DD hub motor, which means I hardly ever use the physical brakes, hence why I ignored the issue...
  15. danielrlee

    Just found out I will be losing my job...

    I have been working as a freelance photographer & digital retoucher for the last six years, solely working for one large fashion retailer (I know, all my eggs in one basket). I have just been informed that they will be taking all work away from me and moving all outsourced roles in-house within...
  16. danielrlee

    Lidl Receipt

    Does anybody know what the column of A's & B's on a printed Lidl till receipt represent?
  17. danielrlee

    DC Clamp Meter Recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend a half-decent clamp meter with DC current measurement (via clamp) for around £30-40? Thanks.
  18. danielrlee

    What do you carry in your repair kit?

    An earlier post by drsolly today concerning roadside repairs got me thinking about my repair kit and and wondering about other people's. What do you carry with you to assist with unexpected repairs? Here's mine: In it are: Puncture repair kit (I don't carry a spare tube); Gerber multi-tool...
  19. danielrlee

    Availability of electric bike parts in the UK

    Over the last few months I have come to realise that there is a distinct lack of UK suppliers when it comes to many electric bike parts and accessories. When I have tried to source certain parts, the only option has been to ship from China, or if I am lucky, the US. Along with this comes the...
  20. danielrlee

    Project: ghEttoBIKE

    Times are hard. Hi everybody. I am a new member of this forum (it has been such a great resource to me so far) and have been lurking for a few weeks while deciding what I was going to do regarding an e-bike purchase. Sick of the ever increasing cost of motoring and dreading the upcoming Olympic...