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  1. Dewey

    Commuter/hybrid for tagalong

    Suntour hub motors have been around for about 10 years and based on various threads on this forum there were early quality control issues with the electrical connectors causing the power to cut out unexpectedly, but the system was updated in 2019/20 and appears to have been reliable since then...
  2. Dewey

    News: Bristol cycle manufacturer with £200k crowdfund eyes e-bike market

    Alex Bowden reports Temple have launched their first two ebikes, using a Bafang M420 motor with torque sensor and 500wh battery
  3. Dewey

    Bafang BBS01 conversion

    Hi Jim, I bought it last summer from the shop that sold me the kit. For 4 years I’d had a merry time removing the crank arms about every other month to tighten the lock ring. The stock Bafang BB mount just isn’t good enough, and I’m much happier with the torque arm, it should come standard with...
  4. Dewey

    Bafang BBS01 conversion

    I wrote a blog post on my experience converting a pedal bike with an IGH using a 36v 250w BBS01 The threads on UK Pedelecs helped me decide to go with the BBS01a back in 2016 when I bought the kit, it’s not as...
  5. Dewey

    Pedelec Law - The Details

    Some top sleuthing there Flecc, it is confusing here in the US. Some changes recently, I can only speak to our local situation in Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC, in the past year both Maryland and Virginia adopted the 3-class model ebike legislation so both now permit 750w maximum...
  6. Dewey

    FT article about bike shop margins and Cycle to Work scheme I thought Robert Wright’s article was good, describing how the mandated 15% service fee eats into bike shops 30% margin, particularly affecting retailers of ebikes and cargo bikes. Due for reform?
  7. Dewey

    Nexus 8 or the new Nexus 5-E?

    I use a Nexus 8 with a BBS01 and a gearsensor, I find it has a wide enough range for climbing hills. The new Nexus 5 start from a direct drive first gear. If you ride in a relatively flat area and have a powerful enough motor I'm sure it's fine but for Sheffield/Peak District hills I'd suggest...
  8. Dewey

    £1000 cycle 2 work halfords crappy voucher

    Those were on older models though, last December Richard Peace reported the Suntour ATS Hesc motor system had been changed to increase power I prompted US ebike journalist Court Rye to talk to...
  9. Dewey

    e-bikes under £1,200 to fit a child seat

    This Dutch site sells second hand ebikes and delivers to Belgium for 50 euros Something like this Gazelle Miss Grace that has a wide double kickstand, locking headset to keep the front wheel from tipping to either side while you...
  10. Dewey

    Please help to choose E-bike for 2 child trailer and unfit parents.

    Nice bike, just curious but did you choose the standard 26" wheels or choose the smaller 24" wheels? Hope you will enjoy many happy miles towing the kids in the trailer up hill and down dale, I really appreciate my motor for helping me tow a trailer or trailer-cycle. I noticed Bosch are in the...
  11. Dewey

    Help! Kickstands

    You’re welcome, would you mind posting a photo once you fit it to your ebike? a right side kickstand is a rare thing
  12. Dewey

    Convert a old lady pashley for hills

    There is a shop in New Zealand who convert new Pashley bikes with the BBS01, on the Roadster and Princess models they replace the enclosed chain guard with the hockey stick style half-chainguard as used on the Pashley Britannia, Poppy, Briton, Parabike, and Tube Rider. For my Breezer bike that...
  13. Dewey

    Help! Kickstands

    The Hebie 673 kickstand mounts on the rear on the right side
  14. Dewey

    Is this Ancheer eBike Any Good?

    Pashley make an electric assist version of their Pronto cargo bike that was originally designed for the Royal Mail, its a step through designed to carry weight You can get one for less, and support a worthy cause, if you buy an...
  15. Dewey

    Is this Ancheer eBike Any Good?

    On the Ancheer Power Plus model the controller reportedly burned out during a hill climbing test see...
  16. Dewey

    Help! Which make?

    Merida are a large Taiwanese brand using Shimano motors, good stuff, wish they sold them in the US where I live but Merida own 49% of Specialized so they probably have an agreement not to distribute in the US market where the big 3 brands are Trek, Specialized, and Giant. Orbea are a Spanish...
  17. Dewey

    Looking for a new bike

    Pity, perhaps one of the bikes you already mentioned? the Wisper 705 24" SE step-through would be a good alternative, there are a few Wisper dealers near you, Top gear in Penryn, and Bike chain in Bissoe and Redruth. Good luck!
  18. Dewey

    Looking for a new bike

    This 24” Bafang hub motor bike is sold from a shop in Honiton, Devon
  19. Dewey

    Competition for a Woosh Zephyr-B

    You're right not to want to miss riding another season, Woosh can sell you a tsdz2 if you fancy your hand at converting a folder you like - or as you mentioned the Woosh Zephyr, which is sold abroad under other brands eg in the US it is the Daymak Arsenal...
  20. Dewey

    Competition for a Woosh Zephyr-B

    Montague Boston ZE is an electric folding bike with full size 700c wheels, if they don't have the Zehus motor wheel version in stock any of their pedal bike models like the Urban or the Paratrooper can be converted eg for a tsdz2 conversion see...