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  1. Ultrafunkula

    A Brace of KTM's

    On a trip out with the missus today in Ironbridge, sitting having a beer were a lovely couple with pair of KTM eMTB's his and hers, comfy seats fitted and a lovely pink hooter to warn folk they were coming through, I introduced myself and we had a little chat ,they said it was the best thing...
  2. Ultrafunkula

    Full Susser 8fun rear hub drive Ebike for under a Grand!

    Spotted this on eBay a few of us have his Bafang max drive bikes , now he's got a few of these inc. a hard tail version even cheaper! How does he do it?
  3. Ultrafunkula

    Bafang Max Drive bikes

    Hi all, just been browsing the net and perusing my 36v 250w Max Drive bike, it dawns on me that the max drive is same unit 250w or 350w all that has changed is the voltage to the unit, I've looked at the spec in the manual, motor will take 36,43 or 48v inc. controller, cadence slightly higher...
  4. Ultrafunkula

    Magura hydraulic inline ebike brake pressure switch

    I have 2 Magura inline brake pressure switches that are surplus to requirements, complete and unopened with olives , instructions etc. Just cut and insert into your brake hydraulic lines, electric connector is a male jack plug aka BionX (use with female jack plug from Maplins or cut off and...