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  1. Kinninvie

    Great UK BBS02 supplier.

    Looking for a UK based BBS02 supplier last weekend and came across eBikeSystems on eBay. Had them on at £440 but had a website link so checked that out and it was £399 + £4.99 shipping. They also offered a headlight that plugs into the motor directly for free instead of the usual £10. Ordered...
  2. Kinninvie

    Good deal from Halfords.

    Decided to take advantage of Halfords 20% trade in deal last week for a new MTB to put a BBS02 on and glad I did. Went for a Carrera Vulcan priced at £350 and traded in a 20 year old Bell helmet that my son used when he was at school which brought the price down to £280. The pdi found a tiny...
  3. Kinninvie

    Keilder Forest demo day.

    Electric Bike Demo Weekend at Kielder Cycle Centre. On March 30th and 31st, we will have the latest Ebikes from Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre available to try. Group rides will be running from 10am till 4pm each day. For more information or to book a particular bike call us on 01434 250457...
  4. Kinninvie

    Wanted, Multistar 16Ah battery . 6S or 4S.

    Multistar 16Ah battery wanted. Either a 6S or a 4S. I am in north east England .
  5. Kinninvie

    Trek Fox Valley Sheffield.14 bikes stolen!

    ******STORE BREAK IN****** Sadly we have been broken into. Last night at around 12.10am 14 bikes were stolen from our store. Here is a list of the bikes, could we ask you all to keep a look out for these bikes online and in the flesh. Please share this post, it's much appreciated. Trek...
  6. Kinninvie

    Relive App-3D video linked to Strava

    Tried the new Relive app for android this week and its not bad at all especially for a new app. Details are on the website here This is one of my rides. Hope the link works ok.
  7. Kinninvie

    How to ride in the forest.

    Found an excellent video this morning.
  8. Kinninvie

    BBS02 Tuning for Muppets....Dillenger Switcheroonie.

    Up till now if you wanted to alter the settings on your BBS02 (or BBSHD) you had to get a cable and laptop along with software but not any more. Dillenger have introduced a self contained programming box called the Switcheroonie and they recently sent me one to try out. Its a great bit of kit...
  9. Kinninvie

    Trying a KTM & Haibike at my local forest.

    Not mine but borrowed from a fellow Hamsterley rider... Grim. That was the only way to describe Saturday’s weather forecast for Hamsterley Forest. I crawled out of my pit and looked out of the window. It was indeed gim. It would have been easy to have dropped back in to bed and hibernate but...
  10. Kinninvie

    New Viking E-Motion £349

    Looking round The Range yesterday and found this ebike at a decent price. Ideal for some folk no doubt.
  11. Kinninvie

    Sad News...80 year old pedelecer killed.

    Sad to say an 80 year old pedelecer was killed in a collision with a bus today near Durham City. My condolences go out to his family.
  12. Kinninvie

    [Aug 22, 2015] UK MTB Conference 2015 Kielder Water & Forest Park (Kielder, Northumberland)

    Electric Bike Demo Day - Sunday Sept 13th!! Our 2nd Ebike Demo Day is coming up soon at the Kielder Cycle Centre. We will have hybrids, hardtail MTB's and even full suspension bikes from Haibike and Raleigh available for you to try on the traffic free trails at Kielder. The one thing these...
  13. Kinninvie

    New Bosch Coming!

    Bosch has announced its bringing a 500W motor out for 2016 with 75 ft-lbs of torque. Wonder if it will be labelled to sell over here.
  14. Kinninvie

    KTM/ Panasonic battery recall.

    Ktm are recalling some of their Panasonic batteries as they may go up in flames! If your battery serial number starts with RA16 or RA 17 you must remove it from the bike immediatelyand fill in the form located at the link below.
  15. Kinninvie

    KTM/ Panasonic Battery recall !

    Ktm are recalling some of their Panasonic batteries as they may go up in flames! If your battery serial number starts with RA16 or RA 17 you must remove it from the bike immediatelyand fill in the form located at the link below.
  16. Kinninvie

    Strava for E-bikes

    Strava now has an e-bike category. This keeps times off the tables so the lycras dont keep spitting their dummies out. When uploading from the app,click on "ride" and irts the bottom choice in the drop down menu...
  17. Kinninvie

    BBS02 on the beach.

    Had a ride along Seaton Carew beach the other day. Had to push it through the last 5 yards of soft sand before the high tide mark but otherwise it did great.
  18. Kinninvie

    How much was your BBS02 from EM3EV?

    If anyone has bought a BBS02 from Paul could you give me an idea of the FULL price you paid with tax and postage? Thanks in advance Bob
  19. Kinninvie

    Lidl bike workstand 16/03/15

    Lidl are selling bike gear next Monday including an excellent workstand (same as mine) for £24.99 Mine came from Oopla and was £29.99.
  20. Kinninvie

    Bafang 250 for sale on ebay.

    Just spotted this Its in Gloucester and I messaged the guy and its the 250,comes with a Shockwave bike and SLA batteries I would have had it if it was near me:(